Aesthetic cake - Trending cake ideas for you!

Aesthetic cake – Trending cake ideas for you!

On every special occasion, whether a birthday party or a wedding event, an aesthetic cake will be a memorable gift to give a friend on a happy occasion. So if you’re planning to surprise your best friend on his best day, we have some great suggestions for choosing the best cake for your loved ones. And If you want to organize a birthday or wedding celebration for a friend? The most well-liked activity to undertake is to have a party as everyone anticipates the cake as the most delicious aspect of the festival.

Trending Minimalist Aesthetic cake

These days, South Korea has been at the forefront of trends in everything from music to film to fashion to gastronomy. The bento minimalist cakes that have recently been adorning everyone’s Instagram feeds have now become another trend. If you haven’t heard of a minimalist cake, you should know that it is a Korean culinary craze that has made its way to the Philippine islands. Its lack of emphasis on food aesthetics, the kind that causes you to salivate at the sheer sight of its design. However, deliciousness makes up for what it lacks in craftiness!

Aesthetic cake ideas for birthday

Children love celebrating birthdays and having their favorite chocolate cake with friends. Regarding the icing color, pinks and purples may be preferred for birthday cakes for girls, while traditional blues or black may be more appropriate for birthday cakes for boys. To offer the birthday celebration a theme that all will like, boys may prefer the colors of their favorite football team and ladies their favorite celebrities.

Take some cake decorating ideas from these stunning birthday cake ideas.

Ice melt cake A melting ice cream cake can thrill any young girl or boy, whether intended for a summer birthday or to brighten the day. Sprinkles should be used liberally. Use the basic recipe, but be creative with your design and use your child’s favourite colours.
Rainbow layer cakeA child’s birthday memories wouldn’t be complete without at least one rainbow layer cake. Don’t worry; you can prepare and freeze layers in advance, and it’s a simple technique to impress without requiring a lot of ability. We suggest using colouring gels for gorgeous vivid colours. 
Giant cupcake cake Being bold and going big might be crucial when it comes to birthday parties. A massive cupcake aesthetic cake does this better than any other cake. Moulds are inexpensive and versatile, and they can be used repeatedly. You may make your Giant Cupcake by following your favourite cupcake recipe.

How to take aesthetic cake pictures?

  • Don’t use too many props: When photographing cakes, you want to ensure that your stunning product is the focus. Too many props take attention away from your main subject. Your cake, therefore, finds itself in a competitive situation. You can also take pictures of multiple cake slices on plates. Use a selection of plates or ones that match. Put them together in an uneven way to give your image some flow. Use a moderate amount of linen, supporting ingredients, and utensils. The slices of the cake should remain the center of attention.
  • Carefully choose your props: It’s never a good idea to select random props while photographing for an aesthetic cake photo. They ought to blend in with the other components of the picture. Additionally, they ought to make sense in light of your visual tale.
  • Use natural light:  When photographing food, I always hear people claim that natural light is preferable to artificial light. Most food photographers use artificial lighting, but it can be very complicated and you will require expensive equipment. When you first start photographing food, natural light is your best bet. Or if you don’t have much familiarity with flash. Using natural light when photographing cakes requires a few straightforward techniques. Position yourself next to a window while working on getting an aesthetic cake shot.
  • Use food styling tricks: To get the most pleasing images while photographing a cake you did not prepare, you must use the proper lighting and angles. However, if you are present when the cake is being made, you can use a few food styling techniques to improve your subject. To make a slice of cake appear higher when photographed, use additional layers of cardboard in between the layers. Although slightly smaller than the cake slice, the exact form should be cut out. It should be sandwiched between two layers, then frosted, so your cake will look more prominent. 

Aesthetic cake ideas for weddings 

Trends in desserts come and go, but nothing beats a decadent cake that fills more than one sense. Our favorite sort is the wedding cake that makes a statement and complements your wedding décor.

  1. Floral cake 

Is a cake ever too pretty to eat? These stunning floral designs are worthy of framing, but they will stand out even more at any garden party or romantically feminine celebration.

  1. Glamorous pastel palette cake 

A flawless top tier with a scattering of gold leaf and the slightest glimpses of cake peeking through rises from a foundation tier painted in lavender with watercolour. Accents of fresh lavender, golden foliage, and faded pastel blossoms complete the delightful treat.

  1. A bed of roses cake 

The key is simplicity. The only additional decorations required for this two-tiered, white wedding cake are a few green berries or an apricot-coloured garden rose placed here and there for this beautiful aesthetic cake. 

  1. Marbled marvel cake 

A stone twist to this masterpiece’s naturalistic style. The three tiers of the most lifelike grey marble texture we’ve ever seen have metallic bronze veins and hints of wispy, grey rice paper flowers for a touch of tenderness.

  1. Organic wreath aesthetic cake 

This four-tiered wedding cake’s flawlessly smooth, satin-finished fondant has a seductive sheen. The most delicious fall or winter wedding confection with a crescent-shaped swag of dusty mauves, autumnal-hued mauves, and gloomy crimsons.

  1. Brush strokes cake 

This rustic-chic two-tier white wedding cake exudes rustic charm with its uneven stucco texture. A burst of blue brushstrokes offers a splash of colour that resembles the cake stand pattern.

  1. Vintage floral romance 

This four-tiered buttercream aesthetic cake exudes a boho romanticism with blossoms in shades of peach, orange, and copper. What is below the visible layer? Of course, confetti and Oreo flavours are so much fun!

My take on cake aesthetics

Give your loved one the personalized aesthetic cake that will showcase their individuality and create a memory they won’t soon forget! Our Instagram feeds have these minimalist cakes made in Korea, and we’d prefer our birthdays to come sooner rather than later. There are numerous excellent themes when picking your friend’s next birthday cake. With the help of these inventive cake designs, you can make statements that taste good.

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