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Ayumu Hirano Hair – Everything About The snowboard star

What does an average person know about Ayumu Hirano hair? Well, he’s known for his insane skateboarding skills, but did you know he has also become famous for being able to ride snowboards? Snowboarding is a sport where riders perform tricks on a board covered in ice or snow.

Snowboarding has grown into a global sport over the years. It was even featured in the Winter Olympics back in 1998. Today, Ayumu Hirano snowboard is one of the biggest names in the sport. He’s also a very successful athlete who has won multiple medals in international competitions. Ayumu Hirano, a snowboarder, and skateboarder from Japan won the halfpipe gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

What happened To Ayumu Hirano hair? 

The fact that Ayumu Hirano has locked in his hair has generated discussion during the Olympics. His dreadlocks were seen as a little bit of an inappropriate outfit for the famous Olympic sport.

But he has shown the world that anybody can achieve history if they are committed to their purpose, regardless of appearance or outfit.

The locks also have upset many African people, and the phrase “Isn’t that cultural misappropriation?” is trending on Twitter.

While others expressed worry and made comments, “Because he sports locks in  Ayumu Hirano hair, they were attempting to steal him out of his gold medal. However, he showed them. Salutations on your money, young guy.” 

Basic Information about Ayumu Hirano 

Age23years old
ParentsHidenori Hirano, Tomiko Hirano
SiblingsEiji Hirano
MedalsSnowboarding at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Introduction to sports at a young age 

Hirano began snowboarding and skateboarding at four in his birthplace of Murakami, Japan, under the influence of a Hirano family, his father and elder brother. The Japanese skier made his World Cup debut at age 14 and took up silver in the X Games halfpipe.

He would be selected for the Japan national team for Sochi 2014; however, the young man could not train before the tournament due to an injury. Therefore, Ayumu Hirano wiki became the youngest Japanese athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics despite the setback, taking home the silver.

Triple cork 1440, a record-breaker 

Hirano made history again during the Dew Tour in December by being the first competitor to perform a triple cork 1440 successfully. In gold medal race, the 23-year- old’s ability to repeat the maneuver in Beijing might be crucial.

Near-fatal accident, remarkable recovery 

Ayumu Hirano dreads had a severe fall in an event in the United States in March 2017, fewer than a year before he was scheduled to participate in Pyeongchang 2018. He didn’t need surgery. Therefore, the famous star had to spend two weeks in the ICU since his liver had internally burst and his left knee’s medial collateral ligament had suffered significant damage. According to his physician, Hirano may not have survived if he had fallen differently. 

However, Ayumu hirano hair would make a spectacular recovery by taking first place on the halfpipe at the World Cup event at Copper Mountain just six months later.

Olympic silver medal for a second time 

Having made his debut in the following:

  •  Olympic halfpipe in Sochi in 2014, 
  • Hirano returned to participate in PyeongChang 2018. 
  • The Japanese landed the first Olympic double cork 1440 in the final, giving them the lead.

He specifically participated in a picture shoot by UNIQLO in 2019 for his gorgeous locks. Even though others disliked him, some admired how he handled himself.

The snow and ice boards of the season 

However, Hirano never gave up on his objective and even began snowboarding training in addition to hirano snowboarding and skateboarding after the one-year delay of those Games. As a consequences of his hard work, he reached the top of the Japanese skateboarding rankings, earning a place in the next Olympic street sports competition in Tokyo.


Because of the locks in Ayumu Hirano hair, he has been the subject of much debate. For the first time, a guy has participated in an event at the Olympics with locks in his hair. Men may wear their hair up or down as they see fit, and no laws prohibit it.  

He’s one of Japan’s top snowboarders, and he has won multiple competitions around the world. If you follow him on Instagram or Facebook, you’d see plenty of photos from his training sessions, travels, and even off-the-cuff moments with friends.

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