Best 3 Activities to do in Egypt with your kids

Egypt’s past is fascinating and informative, and sharing the six things to do with your children in Egypt will ensure an unforgettable experience as you travel back in time as an entire family.

Exploring Egypt could be a grand adventure. From temples and pyramids to camel rides and cruising across the Nile, it doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the ambience of a bazaar or the tombs that lie in the Valley of the Kings; people of all ages can enjoy a variety of adventures and discoveries.

Below, we present some of the top things this fascinating destination offers so you can begin planning your journey to a place that tells many stories of a long-gone civilization.

Explore the Pyramids and Sphinx

If we consider Egypt, the first thing immediately comes to mind is the fantastic Pyramids and the Sphinx from Giza. Take the steps up to the Grand Pyramid and stand at the highest height you can in front of the gigantic blocks used in the construction of this magnificent structure. Then, go inside and walk through long corridors that lead to a vast room that houses an empty coffin.

Explore the area of the oldest pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid, and marvel at the simplicity and beauty of the ancient structure. Step down Unas Pyramid. Unas Pyramid, look around at the inside of an extraordinary structure.

Egypt travel offers families abundant exciting and educational activities that children will adore. Begin your trip at the Pyramids of Giza, where children can marvel at these ancient marvels while exploring their inner workings. 

After that, take a relaxing Nile River cruise with unique views of Egypt’s stunning landscapes and historical sites. Plus, take advantage of a trip to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, where kids can gain insights into Egypt’s fascinating history with artifacts from past pharaohs – truly making Egypt travel an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Uncover Exceptional Temples and Tombs

Whatever you do in Egypt, you can visit some of the most stunning structures and temples, which are relics of an earlier world, as well as fascinating burial sites. Between Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and the banks of the Red Sea, there are temples of all sizes and shapes.

The magnificent statues of pharaohs and queens and the palace are surrounded by high brick and stone columns. The remaining walls are brimming with stories portrayed with vibrant hieroglyphics. Children can walk through the hallways and underground chambers to view tombs once filled with treasures, all as part of an exciting journey.

Enjoy New Desert Adventures

The attraction of the red dunes of the Sahara Desert sends out an invite to adventure that will be coming in the warmth of the Egyptian sun, appropriate for both kids and adults. The activities that take place in the Red Land, as it is also known, are:

A variety of fun 4×4 desert safaris.

Whizzing through the dunes.

Leaving a trail of red dust behind you and adrenaline-pumping sandboarding.

Take as high as you’d like to go on this breathtaking landscape.

You can slow down the pace level and go for your camel ride. The slower pace allows you to enjoy the scenery or a stroll in a desert oasis, seeing small towns as you go by and igniting an appetite for more than water but more excitement.

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