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ClioSage: Interesting Facts About Her Architectural Journey

ClioSage, a Barnard College Columbia University graduate, majored in architecture with the intent to practice but later developed her interest in the world of professional model-making. Her passion explores the traditional use of model-making materials like wood, pixel glass, cork, and plastic through a process of digital production and physical techniques to create wearable items. The end product is body-scale architecture, modern in design and archaic in assembly, that can be worn as individuals or in layers.

ClioSage Journey:

clioSages family was always in academics, and she wanted to do architecture as it has a little science. Persuaded her manors in architecture and took art studios to expand her technical abilities through different mediums. Later she became a professional model maker and created many designs based on others. 

When ClioSage Started Designing:

ClioSage started with architecture, where she thought to expand her skills by taking printmaking and sculpture classes. In the course, she has an assignment to make a tool and interpret what it could be, and design it. So she created this piece of apparel: a hood with a sleeve to hide her insecurities and make something beautiful and unique. Therefore the first piece was heavy and conceptual in a different way. 

After graduation, she has persuaded to a job in an architectural firm where she discovered this field wasn’t appropriate for her. After a year, she saw the piece she designed in college, made apparel, and contacted her to design for the music video. Firstly they decided the metal pieces were clunky and functional. So they settled in wood and made a crop top. One was made of wood, one of solid plexiglass, and one was a mix of transparent and white plexiglass.

Her Inspiration For The Brand:

ClioSage’s first collection was all about experimenting with things. So the first pieces were all wood and plexiglass, and all crop tops were made from them. She wanted to make a jacket, so she made it with wood. She has also played with shapes and made a dress out of cork just to experiment herself. Then she works with an abstract impressionist painter and a custom car painter.

How ClioSage Collaborates With Other Brands

When she was making pieces for herself, an application from PopSouk, a prominent vendors’ fair at Webster Hall hosted by Ladyfag, wanted to see my work. She fabricated a couple more pieces to showcase in less than a month. She got a lot of traffic by having my name on their website, and many people came specifically to see my work. PopSouk drives many stylists, photographers, and artists, making her more prominent, and her work got famous. 

Later an Italian magazine emailed her to do a live event and shoot for the magazine. She also went to a runway show in Brooklyn in 2017 and Vancouver Fashion Week in 2018. In addition, in Sring 2017, she co-founded a sci-fi-influenced collaborative design studio. She showed her first collection, PRESERVATIONS, at Brooklyn Museum in September 2017.

Plans For The Future:

The goal for the future is to collect collaborators and think about New York Fashion Week, which is extremely expensive. Make more exclusive pieces and use the new tools to create more hand-crafted, unique designs. She is currently located in Brooklyn, New York and always looking to take on new exciting projects and work with other creatives in all design mediums. She enjoys a challenge that involves cerebral, conceptual, and physical needs. However, always finding ways to work with new materials by approaching them with her arsenal of abilities. You can also find her collection on

ClioSage Advice:

The best advice ClioSage give is to take things outside your comfort zone. That’s what got her making things, trying new techniques, and not focusing on what you know you have to do rather than experiencing new things.


ClioSage is a self-made designer who likes to turn architecture into wearable art. It is also interesting to take wooden triangles and create something chic and rock-star-cool out of them.

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