do vaping have calories?

Does Vaping Give You Calories And Its Effect On Health

Do vaping have calories? Does it help in losing or gaining weight? Does vape juice have calories? What are its consequences if used often? Does nicotine have calories? How many calories do we consume when using a vape? All these questions arrive in the mind of a person who has used or is using a vape. 

In the 21st century, it has been a trend for younger generations to use vaping. Some use it as a substitute for cigarettes. They believe it is less harmful and decreases the risk of smoking-related weight gain. In contrast, others use it just for fun.

Vaping is quite popular among young kids and teenagers. According to the survey, CDC reported that a study in 2020 found that 19.6% of high school teenagers and 4.7% of middle school children reported currently using vapes. 

The number of U.S. adults that were current users of e-cigarettes at the time of the survey was 8.1 million. The prevalence is highest among young male adults aged between 18-24 years.

What is vaping? 

Generally, vaping refers to inhaling the vapor generated by the vaping device or e-cigarettes. The vape juice or the liquid contains substances like nicotine, various flavorings, and different heated chemicals, which are less harmful to health than smoking. 

What is a vape? 

A vape or an e-cigarette is a small battery-operated device with a disposable pod or cartridge containing e-liquid or vape juice. It was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. It is very convenient to carry. 

Do Vaping Have Calories?

Do vaping have calories? No, vaping doesn’t have calories nor cause any weight gain. However, all e-liquids contain calories. The amount of calories e-liquids have doesn’t significantly affect the body. A 5-minute walk can quickly burn this amount or automatically burn more calories while sleeping. It is estimated that an e-liquid contains around 5-6 calories per ml. Hence, 20ml of e-liquid contains about 100 calories in total. PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are mainly responsible for the energy you absorb from vape juice. Vape juice flavors have nothing to do with the calorie count. So sweeter vape flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, or cheese don’t have higher calorie content than less sugary flavors like menthol.

Does vaping cause weight gain? No, the amount of calories in vaping juice doesn’t adversely affect your health. However, nicotine is a stimulant that can either increase metabolism or decrease appetite. 

Health Issues Related To Vaping :

  • Vaping has been the cause of several deaths from acute lung disease. In 2019 there was a large number of heart diseases causing more than 60 deaths.
  • There are also an increasing number of studies demonstrating that vaping has short- and medium-term effects on the heart and lungs, like heart attack, strokes, and angina.
  • E-cigarette use has also been shown to increase blood pressure, heart rate, and the stiffness of arteries.
  • The long-term health effects of vaping are still not known as it is a reasonably new activity, and some diseases, such as cancer, can take many years to develop.


Vaping do have calories, but you should be cautious when taking it and set your limits so it cannot be overdone. Vaping doesn’t make you gain or lose weight but harms your health which can be challenging in the long run.

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