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Top 10 Eye-Catching Wedding Makeup Looks That Will Embrace Your Inner Beauty 

You have found your Cinderella dress, chosen between a veil and a flower crown, and found the shoes of your dreams. The last step in perfecting your bride’s vibes is picking out your natural bridal makeup looks.

Whether you’re a makeup pro or want a more natural look, picking on a bridal style can be challenging. You don’t wish to smudge eyeliner or too much blush in the images that will last a lifetime, after all. No obligation!

How To Choose The Best Makeup For Your Wedding

wedding looks

Finding your unique beauty aesthetic is vital when deciding on a wedding makeup look. Like accepting the dress that feels most like you, your wedding day makeup should accentuate your best characteristics.

If you want your wedding makeup to be as classic as your love story, use the bridal makeup looks for brown skin that looks you already adore. Have to have a bright lip whenever you go out? Pick a hue that will last all day on your special day! Do you enjoy practising your cat eye before a night out on the town? Dress the part for your wedding! If you like a natural look with minimal makeup, there’s no need to go all out for the wedding.

Everyone should feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on a wedding day with the cosmetics look that most reflect their particular style. Following are some wedding looks that will make you a perfect bride. 

1- Soft wedding makeup

If you’re planning a fun outdoor wedding, it can be hard to keep your makeup looking perfect after being in the sun for a long time. We love matte natural wedding makeup looks because they are soft and simple and don’t need a lot of touch-ups.

With a matte finish and simple bridal makeup looks, you won’t look too shiny in photos or real life, and you’ll also look soft and sophisticated. A matte lipstick that lasts long and doesn’t dry out your lips will finish the look.

2- All-Natural Wedding Makeup

Does your partner always swoon over how beautiful you look? You can draw attention to your beautiful vogue eyes with mascara that curls and lifts, even if you don’t have eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. A perfect Roller Lash mascara will do the trick. Add it on top of your regular (waterproof) mascara to give your eyelashes more bounce.

3- Glamorous Makeup Look

Use lilac or pinkish shades to make your eye makeup look more attractive. This trendy colour will make you look brighter and draw attention to your pretty face. You can also make everyone look at you by putting on fake eyelashes that look real.

4- Daring Eyebrows Makeup Look

Bold brows are a beauty trend that isn’t going anywhere soon, and we love it! If your natural wedding makeup is simple, a strong browline will make your face look more attractive.

Wedding makeup looks for brown eyes, and If you want to wax or thread your eyebrows before the big day, we suggest doing it about a week before. It will keep your skin from getting red or breaking out as you say, “I do”!

5- All Pink Look

Keep your blush natural, like a soft pink or a neutral colour. Your natural beauty is the focus of bridal makeup. Let a beautiful bridal blush that looks natural show on your cheeks, and we’re sure you’ll look as elegant as ever. Blush makes your makeup look better than anything else. It changes the shape of your face and brings out your cheekbones. 

6- Glossy and Dewy Look

The girls on TikTok know you can’t go wrong with dewy and shiny makeup looks.

It would help if you started preparing your skin for your wedding months before the big day, but there are a few things you can do on the day of to make your face look fresh and glowy with vogue makeup. Moisturizer is a must, but if you want to look even dewier, put on a quick sheet mask while you drink your mimosas in the morning.

7- Dramatic bride makeup

If you wear red lipstick with this classic Old Hollywood glamour smokey eye, it will look chic without being too dramatic or overdone. However, wedding makeup looks for blue eyes. It’s a good idea for people who like to keep their makeup simple but still want to look attractive.

8- Sparkly Wedding Makeup

Think of this look as a more natural, feminine frame that will make your eyes look bigger without removing your other features. It is the best choice for brides who worry that their eyes might look more petite. When you use a thicker line, more of your eye is visible. Sparkly glitter, however, is a great way to add some glam to your day.

9- Modern Makeup Look

You’re giving up on wedding traditions in favour of more personal moments on your big day. You have the most fabulous wedding accessories, like wedding gloves! Therefore, the fantastic news is that you are just as excited about the party after the ceremony as you are about it. If this sounds like you, you’re a modern bride and need a modern wedding makeup look.

10- Fairytale Inspired Look

You’ve met your Prince Charming and your dream wedding dress; now all you need is a wedding makeup look as charming as a fairytale to complete your happily ever after! Enjoy a happy ending that’s so shiny and perfect that it seems impossible.

Tips For DIY Makeup Looks

wedding looks

DIY wedding makeup is becoming increasingly trendy, and for a good reason.

And now more than ever before (thanks to platforms like TikTok), you can quickly receive professional advice on wedding makeup looks for brunettes and how to perfect your makeup. If you’re determined to do it yourself on the big day, here are some tips for achieving a professional look:

  • Choose tried-and-true cosmetics from reputable companies. Unlike cosmetics worn to the office or the grocery store, this stuff has to last through hours of tears, sweat, and everything else life throws at you. This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick or this Too Faced mascara are two examples of the kinds of goods that makeup artists recommend. (As a bonus, you’ll most certainly put these to use again.)
  • You don’t want to wait until the big day to master smoky eyes or artificial eyelashes. Try out numerous bridal makeup looks to select your favourite, then improve it. It helps to wear the whole look while running errands, walking your dog, or hitting happy hour to observe how it wears.

Enjoy Your Day

With these tips and tricks, you can play around with your makeup to your heart’s content on the big day. You might have a more subtle, natural look or go all out with a dramatic, eye-catching style. Makeup styles for 2017 will focus on going against the grain and striking a harmonious balance. Well, I hope you’re ready to make a big impression as the bride.

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