florida water for anxiety

Diy Recipes and Benefits of Florida Water for Anxiety 

If you want to eliminate stress, try the magical Florida water for anxiety therapy. Florida water is a strong, alcoholic, traditional American cologne that southern hoodoo and voodoo practitioners use to cleanse their homes and use in rituals. It relaxes your nerves and mind with essential oils blended with lemon, orange oil, ylang-ylang, and lavender. Florida Water helps cure anxiety and headaches and protects you from negative energies.

Diy Recipes of Florida Water for Anxiety

Florida Water has been a blessing and protection water in households, spiritual centers, and individual travels for many years. Besides, you can easily make it at your home by following the given recipes:

Recipe 1: 

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • A glass jar
  • 6 cups vodka
  • 1/2 cup dried sweetgrass, lavender, sage, and cedar


  • Bring the glass jar. 
  • Collect your herbs and add vodka to a glass jar.
  • Store it at room temperature.
  • Allow the herbs to saturate for 14 days.
  • You can place the pot outside/in a window to soak it with either a full or New Moon.
  • Use a paper towel/cheesecloth to strain the liquid from the herbs into a clean, glass container. 
  • Also tightly cover the lid and store it until needed.

Recipe 2: Florida Water Diffuser Blender

The purifying scent of the Florida Water Diffuser Blender will fill your home with a sweet, warm, and uplifting smell. Certainly helps you with your anxiety and headaches.

  • 4 drops Orange
  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 2 drops Cinnamon
  • One drop each of Lavender, Rosemary, and Bergamot

Recipe 3:

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • One orange
  • One pink grapefruit
  • One mandarin
  • One lime
  • Five roses (petals only)
  • 7 Cinnamon sticks
  • One bunch of Mint
  • Teaspoon of Cloves
  • Tablespoon Cardamom pods
  • Tablespoon of St. Augustine spring water from Florida
  • 24oz 40 proof Grappa 
  • Large mason jar


  • Slice all of the citrus fruits into and place in the large jar
  • Add all other ingredients into a jar
  • Cover all ingredients with Grappa ( 90 to 190 proof). Cover jar.
  • Bury it in the dark area to let it brew. Afterward burying it, say prayers and words of healing during work.
  • You can brew Agua Florida anywhere from 1 month to a year, possibly longer. The longer it is brewed, the more it will pull the oils of the citrus fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices.   
  • This Florida Water is best for curing anxiety, calming energy, and battling stress and depression.

Benefits of using Florida Water

florida water for anxiety
  • Florida Water removes negative energy and heavy vibrations, relaxes you, and protects you from all evil. This is very good after arguments from negative people and those who have empathic abilities.
  • Florida water provides relaxation to your nerves and mind. Wear on your body to fight anxiety, depression, and sadness.
  • If you need an energetic boost or a surge of creativity and inspiration, anoint yourself with a touch of Florida water (focus on just a bit!).
  • Keep some on your desk or workplace to welcome positive energy and repel negativity.

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Some FAQs regarding Florida water

Q1. What Exactly Is Florida Water?

Florida water is a plant-based cologne prepared by infusing alcohol with flowers, herbs, and spices. Because it contains the essence of the plants. It is frequently utilized in the same way holy water cleanses spaces, refines intentions, and improves spiritual practices.

Q2. Can I make Florida Water with crystals?

Yes, crystals can be utilized to enhance the energy characteristics of water. After preparing your Florida Water and filter out the herbs. Soak 1–2 water-secure crystals (amethyst, quartz, citrine, carnelian, or obsidian) overnight in the water. Remove the crystals in the morning, and your actively charged Florida Water is ready to use.

Q3. Why is it known as Florida Water?

Basically not originating from Florida, Florida Water was called after the Fountain of Youth, which is supposed to have been in Florida.


Following the above recipes, you can make the best Florida water for anxiety therapy. Don’t underestimate the power of this ‘sacred water,’ and we’re not amazed why it has become dominant in Vodou, Hoodoo, Wiccan, and Santeria practices. 

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