Foxtail Haircut-A Funky and Trendy hair cut for medium to long hair length

Foxtail Haircut-A Funky and Trendy hair cut for medium to long hair length

What’s the story behind the ingenious term “foxtail haircut”? That’s a great question, so let’s get into the account now. This hairstyle is typically applied to extended or medium-length cuts in the shape of a V at the rear. It soon gained traction among contemporary fashion fans because of its novelty and simplicity. Despite having multiple variations, it has not changed significantly in the twenty-first century.

Who Is a Fine Fit for a Foxtail Haircut?

WomenWith thick hair
Color loversThose who like hair coloring
People with different face shapesIndividuals with triangular and round face forms.
Young girls Girls with straight hair that is just a little bit wavy.

Foxtail hairstyle drawbacks

  • Thin hair and ladies with oval faces shouldn’t wear this hairstyle, according to experts.
  • If your hair is short, you cannot trim it that way.
  • Braiding won’t be possible for you.
  • The foxtail will be undetectable if done for extremely curly and wavy hair.
  • You should take care of the haircut to prevent the fox tail shape from disappearing.

Foxtail haircut with bangs or without bangs?

Foxtail and a bang work fantastically together. The strands are gradually trimmed from the lifts, and in the rear, they take on the shape of a V, creating a “fox tail,” especially when worn with layered hair. Additionally, you can play around with the bangs’ appearance, parting, and form.

A lady with straight hair, a high forehead, and an elongated face should not hesitate to wear bangs since they will add even more originality to her image. Choose a relaxed bang milling if the hair length permits.

The length of the girl’s bangs should be at their maximum with a foxtail haircut if she has straight or wavy hair, a round or elongated face, and she is not bothered by regular styling. She was then set with gel or varnish for fixing. Owners with medium-length hair lacking volume are advised to add such fringe. However, even if the bangs do not, it is irrelevant.

Foxtail Hairstyle for men 

The foxtail cut is unquestionably one of the best-looking hairstyles for men. This distinctive hairdo makes men quickly distinguish themselves from the crowd and appear stylish and hip. There are numerous techniques to get this cut, but they all involve using various hair pieces in one way or another.

The foxtail haircut commonly referred to as the “curly tail,” is a timeless hairstyle that is charming and flirtatious. The benefit of the foxtail is that both sexes can carry and looks fantastic. Look into how to create the foxtail if you’re looking for fresh ideas for contemporary design.

Celebrities love foxtail haircuts.

The foxtail style is a long, sleek design that has been around for a long time. It has been around because some of the most admired celebrities have a foxtail haircut. You can look back in history and see that even Caesar and Cleopatra were famous for having long-flowing locks, and you can look at some pictures of old portraits of these two famous people and see that they have long-flowing locks. If you are looking for great design ideas, there are many different types of foxtail hairstyles that you can try, and each one will make that look amazing.

Foxtail hair color 

“Fox tail haircut ” paired with balayage staining. Making a smooth transition from one hue to another is crucial when using hair coloring treatments. Blondes who prefer to seem natural will benefit more from them. These methods allow you to mimic the appearance of sun-bleached hair. Only a few strands clearly define the “harmless” staining techniques of balayage.


The foxtail haircut is a distinctive, fashionable style that offers variety. Long hair frames the face in a long, elegant haircut. The head’s typical form makes this fresh, contemporary hairstyle ideal. If you have short hair, achieving a new and trendy appearance is simple. Hair care products should achieve a smooth and shiny appearance for beginners. If you choose to sport this distinctive hairstyle, be ready to experiment with various versions since it is simple to grow tired of it.

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