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Top 8 Herbs for Protection Jar You Need to Know

You can find a variety of magical herbs for protection jar. One is simple to make by combining herbs, crystals, written spells, magic water, and other things in a container that may be buried in your garden or kept on a windowsill. These protection jars keep up a magical barrier to shield you from harm and keep you safe from any evil eyes.

Best 8 Herbs for Protection Jar 

Herbs used in making protection jars help fight evil so that none of the evil may enter your property and make you and your family safe from it. This blog will guide you on various kinds of herbs used to make protection jar. You’ll know what protection herbs are vital and for what benefits each herb is used. Some of the best herbs for protection jar are given below:

1. Rosemary

herbs for protection jar

Rosemary is one of the best herbs for protection and purification purposes. People often use this herb for personal protection, and as a powerful ingredient in a protection jar, you can keep a small pouch of rosemary around your home. Wear it for good luck; it attracts love, positivity, and peace.

2. Dragon’s Blood

herbs for protection jar

Dragon’s blood is a resin from a tropical palm tree. It’s astonishingly popular in the witchcraft community because of its uses, containing solid protective powers. It is beneficial if you need to defend yourself against psychic attacks. You can burn the dragon’s blood aroma or put some of the resin in a protection jar.

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3. Frankincense incense

herbs for protection jar

Olibanum, or frankincense, is a resin mainly used to make incense. It is a strong spiritual aroma that aids in meditation and concentrates us while we are attempting to communicate with spiritual realms. It also expels negative energy. Often used for protection and purification, it is a popular ingredient in herbs for protection jars. Utilize the smoke of frankincense incense to cleanse the jar and refill it with protecting energy.

4. Mint

herbs for protection jar

Mint is a genuinely flexible herb. You can use mint as a protective home herb in a protection jar. Hang bundles of mint around your door/windows, and brew in for a home protection potio.

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5. Angelica

herbs for protection jar

Angelica, also known as the Angels’ herb of protection, Angelica is a powerful substance that helps you call the power of the angels. You can use this for just about any situation. You can also grow angelica in your garden, place it around your house, or use it during spell work. Make sure you have good intentions when using angelica because they won’t help you if you mean to curse or hurt anyone.

6. Cloves

herbs for protection jar

Cloves entreat protection as well as prosperity and purification. This herb also exorcizes negative influences like ghosts and demons from people and homes. Cloves are one of the vital herbs for protection jar as they will control others from gossiping about you or your family. It will also cast out negativity.

7. Oak

herbs for protection jar

Oaktree has remained a symbol of protection throughout history. This tree is strong and rigid, so the oak tree provides the sort of protection that lasts over time. Used for bath/cleansing spells. It also works quite well in a jar satchel. You can utilize oak leaves, bark, acorns, or even dirt from under the tree to utilize the protective properties of oak.

8. Black Salt

herbs for protection jar

Black salt is a protective salt that vanishes unwanted energies. It is used in uncrossing and fighting evil and helps eliminate emotional baggage.


Herbs for protection jar are available in different kinds, which helps protect you and your family. You can also wear or carry the jars with you. You can have some of these plants on hand and use them to cleanse yourself or when you run into evil spirits. A protection jar can be offered to someone as a present, and it will protect them in many surprising ways.

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