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How can yoga help to cope with stress?

As we all know, we can never avoid stress. So, in this post we are going to talk about how yoga can help to cope with stress. our life in general has become fast paced and it seems like there is no time to stop and feel the moment. In times like these, we should try to do anything which makes us feel alive, present and allow us to focus. It should be something which alleviates our stress and makes us feel energized and in the moment. For this purpose, the best answer would be yoga. This leads us to our next question….

What is yoga?

In order to know how yoga can help to cope with stress, we must first have some knowledge of what yoga is. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root of “Yuj” meaning to join or unite. It is an ancient practice which involves the usage of both mind and body. Yoga uses a combination of specific poses, breathing exercises and a few meditation principles. 

Moreover, there is also a spiritual essence in yoga which emphasizes bringing harmony between the mind and body. In simpler terms, yoga is an art and science of a healthy mind, body and soul.


What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga offers physical and mental health well being for people of all ages and genders. Furthermore, yoga can also aid in the healing process. If you are going through an illness, have been through some intensive medical procedures, undergone a surgery or some other chronic conditions, it can benefit you to a great extent. 

The main benefits of yoga are:

  • Yoga improves strength, helps with flexibility and enhances balance. 
  • It can help with different types of pains like backache, stomach ache and arthritis symptoms.
  • Doing yoga benefits heart health, digestive health and mind health
  • It unlocks portions of our brain which enhance energy and brighten mood. 
  • Yoga can help you to relax and sleep.
  • Doing yoga means fewer trees. 
  • Yoga also promotes better self care and allows you to focus on yourself. 

Now in the next portion, there is specific focus on how yoga helps with stress. 

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How can yoga help to cope with stress?

A number of studies have proven that yoga can help to reduce stress and anxiety. You can also read more about the research backed benefits of yoga for stress relief.

There are a number of yoga poses which help you to reduce stress and release happy, relaxing endorphins from your body which can make your day!

5 minute Yoga practice:

yoga poses
  • Firstly you need to find a comfortable spot where you can be alone and uninterrupted for a small amount of time. You may need a towel and a yoga mat for starting yoga but they are not necessities. A cushion, blanket may also be needed for a comfortable sitting position.
  • Allow your shoulders to relax and straighten your back by contracting your stomach. Inhale for six seconds, hold your breath for 8 seconds and exhale allowing yourself to relax. Do this up to 4 times. 
  • Standard Pose (Sukhasana): while sitting in a comfortable position, relax your feet and pelvis. Focus on your breathing while feeling the sensations roaming in your body. Sit for a minute and become internally aware of yourself.
  • Neck roll: Allow your head to fall toward your chest and slowly move your head in a circle bringing it back. Do this 3 times while inventing the feeling of letting go. 
  • Table top Position (Bharmanasana): slowly place your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Balance your weight evenly on your palms and soften your gaze downward. Concentrate on your breath and feel inwardly. 
  • Child’s pose: Rest your hips on your heels. Sit up straight, exhalfe an bow forward, pitting your torso on between your thighs. Your forehead should be on the floor and arms extended in front of you. Allow all the stress and tension to drain away from your neck shoulders and breathe softly.

Regularly integrating yoga in your routine will create calmness and reduce all of your stress and worries. 


Conclusively, this is how yoga can help to cope with stress. Hatha yoga, stretches and breath control are the most common yoga practices for stress relief. You have a number of benefits including alleviating stress, anxiety, enhancing mood, relieving pain and so much more. 

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