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How to create a support network to help in your trouble times?

Troubled times don’t knock before coming, a person alone may not be able to cope with the problem, but if he has a strong support network, he might survive the difficulties. Today’s era is no more beyond the bad days when everything is becoming so exhausted and punishing because of globalization and many other reasons. Meanwhile, the thinkers started thinking about the well-being of surviving humans and developed peer support groups to help each other with problems.

Do you know that America has developed over 500,000 peer support networks? They are working to help people with a problem, whether they are related to stress and anxiety, financial issues, illness, or personal circumstances. These peer groups are less expensive and highly helpful to assist people going through trouble times.

What is Peer Support Network?

Peer groups usually consist of your close family members or friends. However, on the comprehensive concept, peer groups are meant to be self-help groups where members with the same background interact and help each other. Self-help groups are open for discussion, sharing problems, finding solutions, mind relaxing, answering queries, and socializing.

These groups can be made as intelligent as the people living in the same community or society and can be significant as the countrywide or international social group. The main benefit of building peer networking is knowing your friends are there to feel your pain in your challenging periods of life. Network building is a kind of work where you think a little about socializing. Interacting with different people emphasizes your mind and provokes your thoughts to produce other ideas and effective decisions.

Building Support Network ideas

When a newborn baby starts interacting, the first interaction he does with the doctor or mother. From here, he starts making his peer group. The doctor helps him come into this world and take his first breath. Likewise, he starts interacting with others being a member of one specific family that is his primary group. Later on, he makes friends and interacts with teachers, public servants, colleagues, and others. But not everyone stays in life when you need them. I’m listing some ideas below to have some gems as your kind peer group in your life.

1.      Volunteer Yourself

Volunteer yourself for a cause of your interest and field. You will meet strangers with the same interests and mindsets, and here you will be able to make friends with the same thoughts and perspectives. Remember that views matter a lot whether you build a support network, friendship, or relationship. If your outlook isn’t the same as the thinking of another person, you both cannot stand each other.

2.      Join Public Places

Join places like gym, office, learning institute, or whatever you want; here, you will be able to connect with people from different regions, casts, and ethnicity but can match your mentality and frame of mind. On the flip side, joining a gym will enhance your physical appearance and health, which is very important to living a healthy life. It will also nourish your routine and add some organization to your life. Moreover, joining an office or learning institute is also a great approach to your career and achievements that may lead you to some honorable position.

3.      Go to the family park

Walking for half an hour a day may help you overcome several health and fitness issues. Meanwhile, it will freshen up your mind with fresh air and the soothing smell of grass and beautiful flowers. However, meeting up with strangers and enjoying their company while walking or jogging on the track may change your random talking to a strong friendship. Your biggest problem might have an unexpected solution by discussing it with the stranger.

4.      Look Online

When we talk about online, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t any physical existence. There are lots of social or self-help groups on social media. You will find local, regional, city-wide, interest-wide, and even international groups that are open anytime for discussions and seeking help. Social media have taken over millions and billions of members in building peer support networks or groups to facilitate different people with their various problems.

If you only see a Facebook, over 620 million groups deal with self-helping and building peer networking to help in difficult times. Genders and localities further categorize those groups because some ladies are uncomfortable interacting with unknown males, especially in eastern countries. You can check cyber rules in every group’s joining section regarding privacy concerns. Furthermore, the Anonymous posting option has been launched recently in the Facebook group where a person can hide their identity. It will only be seeable by the admins and moderators of the group.

Be Aware of the things While Creating Peer Support Network.

Everything has positive and negative aspects so that the peer group may influence you positively and negatively. If we look on the positive side, then it will be how we observe the situations of others? Like if someone did wrong in their past and now seeking help to get out of the problem. It is a life lesson to you. A wise man said; An intelligent person will always learn from the experience of others, but a foolish will influence by the mistakes of others.

The negative impact of peer groups also exists and effect pessimist people. For example, if a close friend of yours loves to smoke and spend most of his time with you. If you are a pessimist, you will adopt his habit of looking more relaxed. However, there are many more negative aspects of having a peer group, but they are less than positive aspects, so let it be.

Final Word

Make sure to set your goals before having a support network. Your goal should be to relax with what you are doing, not add it. Also, remember to add wise people with a wide ratio of good habits in your peer group. Trouble times will go, but your friends will be your friends forever. Hence, never lose any gem of your life just because of stress or problem.

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