How to hide the discover on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app that gained a lot of popularity since it got released. It is used by millions of people everywhere around the globe. The most attractive feature of Snapchat is maintaining and sending streaks. It allows users to keep each other updated with friends and share the smallest of moments and memories. 

What is the use of discover on Snapchat?

As we know, Snapchat is constantly working to enhance your app experience by introducing new features like storing photographs and deleting recent chats. As a result, upgrades are released often, the most recent of which allows you to upload a photo to your Snapchat profile. 

One such feature is Discover on Snapchat. It allows you to see fresh content, explore new creators, and see different stories from big companies like Starbucks, Daily Mail, CNN, National Geographic, Vice, and Food Network. It also allows you to follow your favorite celebrities and subscribe to their stories. 

When this feature was first enabled, Snapchat developed a page specifically for these kinds of stories. To view your friends’ stories and move to the Discover tab, you had to swipe twice to the right on the camera interface.

However, the most recent update added Discover to the home page as well as your friends’ tales. You now have access to your stories, Discover stories, live stories, and tales from your friends.

Why do people want to hide the discover option on Snapchat?

Given how frequently new features are being added to Snapchat, it makes sense that some of them may not be the users’ favorites.  Anytime you want to watch a story, you have to see all the icons. Additionally, because of Discover’s massive amount of data, you run the risk of using up your mobile connection significantly sooner.

Some parents also have concerns as the Discover section is full of age-inappropriate unfiltered content. As it is mainly used for boosting followers and gaining views there is a huge amount of clickbait on discovery too. It makes sense that many parents worry about the casual exposure of their kids to adult themes like violence, drinking, and drug use.

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How to hide the discovery on Snapchat?

Since Discover is a huge feature on Snapchat it is not possible to hide the Discover option on Snapchat altogether but there are many ways listed below that can help you manage it according to your likes and preferences. 

How can you filter your discover according to your needs?

  1. Unsubscribe to Chanel

If you are tired of seeing the same content and influencers all the time or always see the same type of channels in your Discover. You can try unsubscribing all the brands, bloggers, and vloggers which you do not want to follow anymore. Snapchat will also not show you similar types of influencers then again.

  1. Unfollow and hide realtors or unwanted content

You can unfollow the content realtors that you do not want to see anymore and have previously followed. If there are realtors which are coming on the Discover you can select and then choose “hide from Discover”. That account will not show up on your Discover again. 

How to hide discover
  1. Report Content

If there are some stories or accounts which are showing graphic content, promoting drugs, abuse, and adult themes, you can report that story and select the relevant option. Snapchat will refrain from showing that type of content on your Discover then. 

  1. Change ad preferences

You can also change your ad preferences according to what you want to see. When you select the relevant ad types and categories which you are interested in seeing, it will create an algorithm related to your interests and only show relevant fresh content. 

If nothing works, what can you do then?

If you are not satisfied by all of the above stated methods then you an follow the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Snapchat.
  2. Go to Google play store or App Store.
  3. Search Snapchat and look for version details.
  4. Select a previous version of before the 2015 update.
  5. Install snapchat again.

This may help you use Snapchat without the discover option but you will also not be able to try new features and filters.


If you want to hide the Discover on snapchat, there is no absolute option to turn off the Discover, but there are various other ways you can manage it. You can customise your Discover according to your interests, it can then act as a benefit for you too. 

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