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How to Ignore Narcissists and Handle Criticism? | Psychological Disorders

Have you ever received a suggestion to ignore narcissists? Most people don’t like when other people talk about their negative aspects. The consistent hearing about how incomplete you are from the mouth of others can have negative effects on criticism. However, ignore Narcissist when they criticize you. You might be the one who got continuously criticized by family, friends, colleagues even your very close members. And your ultimate question might be, “why do the people criticize?” The people who criticize others have personality disorders known as narcissists.

People having Narcissism assume themselves the superior to others and always judge them. The nature of the criticism may be positive if it is the feedback, mentoring, and coaching but can be worst as hypercriticism. In hypercriticism, you got trolled, traumatized, and stressed just because of the judgments of others on you. But relax! It is not where your life ends, but you can cope with it with your creativity and might get a peaceful life. Let’s have a look.

Don’t Respond or ignore narcissists.

First of all, I would say that prevent yourself from involving with the Narcissist because they will ruin you emotionally and mentally. You will cry to get your mental peace. But if unfortunately, you have applied, the first thing you can do is not respond to them. Don’t say, don’t listen, and don’t reply. Narcissists have their insecurities, and they always pay attention to their needs without thinking about others’ losses and harmful consequences.

If you ignore Narcissist, they will ignore you back. That should be your goal. You should be fearlessly ready for any consequences when you miss meaningful people because they might threaten to kill you and commit suicide. They can damage your reputation, make you feel guilty, and start mental or physical abuse. But if you consistently ignore them, they won’t be able to criticize you again.

Control Your Temper

Don’t let them get out on your nerves. If you do not overcome your temper, it may result in a questionable reaction that is all the neurotics want from you. Please don’t allow them to use you or hurt your emotions, and the best thing is to control your temper, be calm, ignore narcissists, and manage your emotions and feelings. Another significant disadvantage of getting angry at the point is that you will not be able to listen to their words carefully. It means you will not be able to answer more sarcastically. Although, if you are not feeling well, cancel the meetup and schedule it for the next time.

Be Positive

Sometimes you may take people wrong. The critic’s intention is not to hurt you but to improve you. You may find it controversial, but it is anodyne in actuality. For example, your colleague asks you not to wear heels because you are tall enough to avoid heels. Maybe she is dealing with an inferiority complex and trying to cope with it due to her short height. Try to understand others’ problems too. Although it is not a hypercritical stage of criticism, a little positive thought in your mind can cope with it peacefully.

Identify if it is constructive feedback or destructive.

It would be best if you were fair enough to identify whether the person providing feedback is in your favor or due to their jealousy of your achievements. Constructive feedback is comments and suggestions in a friendly manner that tends to improve yourself. However, destructive feedbacks are the negative judgments or statements about you from the critics. When you ignore narcissists, they troll you with fierce criticism because all they want from you is to have their ways. On the flip side, your loved ones concerned about you may comment on your work, your way of working, or the things you should improve. So, you should react to the nature of criticism, and if you don’t feel good with constructive criticism or it’s hurting you unintentionally, you should let them know how you think about it.

Handling Constructive Criticism

When anyone shows affection to you, it’s a big blessing. Your parents, spouse, siblings, or friends may correct you when they feel you are wrong. It would help if you showed them gratitude for how they are caring for you. Despite feeling hurt, this feedback might prove meaningful in your success. So, thanks to everyone who wants your success. On the flip side, the truth might taste bitter; however, it identifies your wrong side if it is constructive or destructive. Hence, regardless of getting angry or getting out your nerves, you should think once about that. Don’t burst into your emotions when someone shows constructive criticism but set the feelings aside and reply generously.

Don’t take criticism personally.

Though, primarily people feel offended on receiving comments. They think that the critic is pointing them out without any reason. Remember that if someone talking about your jealousy or pride is the most insecure person who always takes an interest in others’ lives and houses. They are the sick people having Narcissism, and you need to ignore narcissists. The most recommended tip to avoid them is to stop interacting with them. Don’t let them have access to your life or your surroundings. Although, if it is constructive criticism, you also should not take it personally or should not feel the attack on your self-esteem. Just let it go.

Keep a Smile on your face.

A smiley face can defeat the haters when ignorance fails. Keeping a smile on your face may bring positive thoughts to your mind, positive vibes in your lifestyle, and blessings to your deeds. Research shows that a smile can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and produce serotonin and endorphin hormones of positivity that will endure the communication between the neurons in the brain to convey positive messages. However, it is one of the best strategies to ignore narcissists and make them feel that they cannot irritate you anymore.

Don’t Disclose your Success.

Success is not the destiny of everyone. Especially when negative people try to succeed, they always feel jealousy of their seniors or competitors instead of getting inspired or learning from them. When you disclose your success or achievements to anyone, they might feel jealous of you, or they can get into an inferiority complex that consequences destructive criticism towards you. It depends on how much you are eligible to face them and ignore them. If you are a masochist, you will lose your temper too soon or start reacting very offended. However, it is not wrong; a time to do some astringent talking. The critic will kill you through his words if you do not do so.

Don’t Criticize Back.

Criticizing back to the critic is not a helpful step but a waste of time, concerns, and energy. Many people like argumentative criticism; they are just sick and nothing. Try not to be trapped by them, and don’t cross your boundaries if you want to avoid heartaches and headaches. Avoid the critics as much as you can, answer them productive where needed, and try to be defensive with their criticism but don’t attack back with the same complaint. It will only inflame the situation that will escalate, and you will have to face all that.

Gain Experience

At every stage of life, you will have a new experience. But it depends on you whether you want to gain it or lose it. Same with criticism, when people criticize you, they might think that they are destroying you, but the only you can flip their wager is by learning and improving through their harsh words. You will get hurt, cry, and think to give up, but you will need to pamper yourself and come to the consequences where everything of yours will matter. You will learn, gain, and stand up this time better than before. So, it’s a crucial side of criticism for you. Don’t forget to take advantage of it.

Set a resolution

Once you know that the criticism is constructive and given by a genuine person or your loved one, respect it and pay attention and consideration to the suggestion or feedback. Sometimes, implementing a random recommendation brings positive changes to your achievements or decision. Hence, try to improve yourself through the request.

On the flip side, if a random person or Narcissist delivers destructive criticism to you, manipulates your personality, or disturbs your peace of mind, accept that this culprit doesn’t mean to you. Kick them out from your life and chill out. If you can’t remove them from your life, ignore them until they doubt their existence. Prioritizing yourself is the most precious present you can give to yourself. So, don’t compromise on your mental peace.

Final Word

Humans make mistakes, but the negative effects of criticism can cause behavioral disorders and can manipulate the personality. Ignoring Narcissist can bring immense positive change in your mental health, but you should be brave enough to cope with criticism and hypercriticism on your own. The world is not a place for sensitive people; you should be brave enough to solve your problems peacefully and fruitfully.


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