How to Increase Happier Times through Foolproof ways?

Happier times are the most precious times of a person’s life. Mood swings are natural, but they will worsen if you don’t try to change your mood. Research shows that if you are feeling unhappy for more than 40 hours continuously, it may negatively impact your mental and physical health. Americans are working hard to develop activities that can enhance the happiness of individuals’ lives.

We can’t define happiness fluently, but we can assure that a person having positive emotions more than negative is the happiest person. Now you probably think that what are emotions? It’s a reaction of chemicals in the human brain that interact with the positive and negative neurons to convey the message. To release positive emotions, you can do the following things.

1.      Anticipate About the happier times

You probably had spent your happier times that are now a wonderful memory. How do you feel when you think about them? Fresh, emotional, or want to spend those time again? According to the research, your brain releases serotonin’s happiness hormone when anticipating your happy moments. It helps keep you away from mental illness, depression, anxiety, or mood swings. Removing serotonin also plays a primary role in making you friendly and happy.

2.      Send and Receive Virtual Hugs

Hugs are the ultimate source of happiness. When you hug someone, they feel secure, safe, and assured to have someone at their support in scary times. On the flip side, medical research also has proven hugs as a source to boost the immune system, lowering cardiac illness rates, enhancing serotonin, and balancing moods that means indirectly increasing happier times. However, virtual hugs are the only option left for you when you can’t meet your loved ones in person. Like covid-19, you may have your friends test positive, and they can’t meet in person anymore. So, you can send them virtual hugs to esteem and ample them. Your act will help them get a sunray and make them happy even in the worst situation.

3.      Enjoy Dress up

Many of us are not getting admirable adulthood when we enter adulthood. Instead, got dreadful phases of life. It can cause by anything like broken families, financial crises, educational crises, sudden accidents, and many other reasons. We start leaving ourselves for others so that we can make them happy. But the thing we’re forgetting is that we can’t make them happy unless we are happy ourselves. Life is too hard to understand, but understanding life will make you quieter and more miserable. Suppose you enjoyed dressing up, but now you don’t have any excitement about clothes. Even you don’t wear new clothes at Christmas. It is nothing but having a depressing life that will take you to inferiority and mental illness. You enjoy every moment of your life. Enjoy dressing up and buying your favorite clothes. Look cool and be happy.

4.      Enjoy Riding

Riding can vary to your interest or hobby. If you like riding a bicycle, you may enjoy riding outdoor or indoors. Enjoy bicycling with your friends is a great source to bring a smile to your face and freshen up your mind. However, if you are not an extrovert and looking forward to enjoying riding at your home, you may go for a stationary bike. It will release not only positive hormones but also essential for strengthening the muscles, enduring the cardiac vascular system, and reducing weight. I will encourage people to use stationary bike riding who are unhappy because of over-weight problems. A riding bike will burn your calories and focus your mind on the point that you are not wasting your time but utilizing it to achieve something fruitful.

5.      Get a Pet for Yourself

You have a pet that can relieve your 50% stress. You will get busy with it and not even get a minute to over-think. Get a cute puppy or a tiny kitten, name it beautiful and play with it. I will advise you to bring a kitten instead of a puppy because kittens are easier to raise as they have an amiable nature and make human friends more easily. Once you get familiar with the kitten, you will find a pet’s box of treasures. Believe me! There will be no day you would be living without your pet. If you don’t like cats or dogs, you may get rabbits, hens, goats, or Calf. It depends on your interest and with whom you will find yourself happier.

6.      Write Down Your Thoughts

Introverts usually follow the option of writing who don’t want to share problems with others or if they have trust issues. Point of view wise, introverts are not wrong because it is not an era of developing trust, but on the other side, we don’t have any option rather than share it with someone concerned about us. Writing releases stress and helps express your feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc. Just write down whatever is bothering you. It will just not make you feel good and relaxed but will also maintain the record of your personal development like how you were used to thinking and what you are now.

7.      Be Creative

Creativity tends to enhance problem-solving ability. Creative people may not waste their time thinking about happier times; instead, they create happy times. Researchers say that a creative person cannot be sad because he will have expertise in converting her situation from worst to good. On the other hand, creative persons take their careers and goals seriously and dedicate to accomplishing them. The excellent skills and consistent behavior don’t let them have time to think about negative things, but they are more diligent to upgrade themselves, which gives them a happy life.

8.      Go with the Flow

You might have heard about the concept “go with the flow.” It means you don’t tense about the future or don’t think about what you did wrong in the past but enjoy the present. To have a stress-free life and a relaxing mind, you should not control your feelings and emotions, but you can divert them in meaningful ways, like taking time to have a cup of tea and enjoy your own company. Feel nature and observe your surroundings; you feel many things happening around you that can be the reason for your happiness. For example, look at the tree where a little bird is making her nest for laying eggs. The beauty of nature is one of the foremost things to bring positivity and happiness to you.

9.      Nurture Meaningful relationships

Meaningful relationships are the breath of life and the best agent to remove our sorrows and depression. However, ending toxic relationships may provide you peace like heaven, and that peace will make you the happiest person. But choose only the right one. Now the question is, how will you know who the right person is? The right person is the one who will always give you priority and will never leave you in any situation. Make sure that you should not fool yourself by identifying the right person. Once you have your meaningful relationships, don’t even try to lose them. Dedicate some of your time to them and talk to them with all your love. Be expressive to them; show them your love for them with your words and deeds. If they are worth having, they will love you more in return, and hence, your personality will not be less than a beautiful flower in the garden.

10. Always be grateful

When you start being grateful for your blessings is the cause that can reduce your problems. You will know how blessed you are by God’s grace by counting your benefits. Set a time in a day and keep a journal to list all the gracing and blessings and recall them every day. Remember the hard times when you were experiencing hurdles, and the Almighty helped you cope with them by the benefits. Meditation is also another technique and a foolproof way to enhance your happier times. When you meditate, you focus on spirituality; that is a great way to make you’re your inside happiness. Find out the reason why God sent you into the world? And once you have found the cause, start working on it. You can also find peace and happiness in helping others. People are the creatures of God, and God loves them who helped his fellowmen.

Final Word

Happier times will have gone, but you will always feel that joy you had. Memories play an essential part in making a person happy and personal development. You can follow the above foolproof ways to be the most optimistic person or create courses according to your interests and situations. Everyone has different problems that make them unhappy, so you may solve your problem efficiently if you are creative.

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