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Mastering the Art of Choosing the Perfect Smartphone

We have compiled tips and a list of models to meet reasonable requests. Today’s market offers a lot of options on how to choose the very smartphone according to your needs and budget.

What to decide and how to choose a smartphone, having such a variety before your eyes? Choose not only by eye, but carefully study the characteristics of the display, processor, camera module, memory and battery.

How to choose a smartphone by parameters?

If you understand how to choose a smartphone according to its parameters, the acquisition will greatly simplify life. Let’s evaluate the characteristics and functions of modern gadgets.

Body materials and design

You can tell a lot about the owner by the design of the model alone. Thus, plastic products are light and simple, strong enough for normal use. Plastic smart is not necessarily associated with savings, a number of brands are investing in the technological development of composites and reinforced mixtures. The main thing is that plastic conducts radio waves better than all materials, and this is a guarantee of a good signal.

Aluminum looks expensive and pleasantly weights the hand. But the catch is that metal repels waves, and designers come to the need to add plastic parts to the case. And no matter how much you want to show off a stylish thing, you need to remember about the heating of the metal surface when loading the CPU and about unpleasant cooling in cold weather.

Glass is the TOP option for aesthetes, beautiful and impractical. The surface shimmers elegantly, but is the most slippery and fragile. If glass design appeals to you in the characteristics of smartphones, look for models with a chemically hardened Gorilla Glass surface.

Analyzing the materials, one cannot fail to mention the rubber plugs on brutal protected devices. Rubber is used to protect against dust and moisture. For military personnel, extreme sportsmen, representatives of working professions, devices with rubber in the composition have been developed that are not afraid of falls, shocks, high temperatures and pressure.

Screen Specifications

To watch movies and videos, we recommend AMOLED displays – clear, detailed, with perfect color reproduction. Prefer Full HD+ resolution (2160×1080). The display with an IPS matrix is ​​​​slightly inferior in the picture, and the Full HD (1920×1080) standard has proven itself well for most everyday tasks (social networks, reading from the screen, viewing photos). Large diagonals for today are 6.67-7.6 inches. These devices are OnePlus 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, etc. Keep in mind that a large screen and power consumption are interconnected.


Multitasking, application loading speed, gaming capabilities – these tasks fall on the CPU. If you want to figure out how to choose an inexpensive but good smartphone, don’t chase maximum performance, but choose balanced versions, for example, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Who doesn’t mind the price, look towards HiSilicon Kirin 980, Exy nos 9 820 processors, Apple A12 Bionic.

If the goal is to choose a smartphone in terms of parameters and price, then the HONOR 90 price is the best among all other competitors.


Which smartphone to choose for inexpensive and high-quality? What to save? Almost all brands have a good answer: buy a good bundle, but less built-in memory. There are two versions of the popular “middle peasants” in stores: 3/64 GB and 4/256 GB. The first number shows the amount of RAM, the second – the capacity of the internal drive.

There are flagships with built-in volumes up to 512 GB, and inexpensive smartphones are usually limited to 16-32 GB. To save money without harming the parameters, take a model with a slot for a SIM card and a memory card.


Quad- and penta-cameras in our time no longer surprise anyone, so manufacturers have opened the race for megapixels.

Blackview BV 9900 and 9800 with 48 MP SONY IMX582 sensor; Honor V30 Pro with 40 MP Sony IMX600 Exmor RS sensor; Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with 108 MP module.

But adepts of mobile photography believe that the resolution of the matrix is not as important as the type, aperture and stabilization of the lens. It is advisable to visit the store and hold the device in your hands, test several cameras and compare the result. This is the surest way to understand how to choose the right smartphone and which brand to prefer.


Which smartphone to choose to charge it at night and freely use it during the day? Manufacturers equip current phones with batteries from 3500 mAh and above. An excellent indicator for the Blackview brand is batteries with a capacity of 5580, 6580, 10000 and even 13000 mAh.

Fast charging technology is obligatory in our time: with Quick-Charge, the phone will be charged by 50% in just half an hour, then the voltage and current will return to normal. Remember that batteries are now installed non-replaceable, so this detail can be called the “heart” of the device.


Whatever smartphone you choose for price and quality, pay attention to all the important parameters. Practicality requires us to attend online meetings, shoot stories for social networks, video chat with loved ones and more. So, choose accordingly.

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