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Top 8 Famous Modern And Ethical Polish Clothing Brands

Clothing and shoes are two main fashion accessories that are essential for people. It gives the wearer a unique, neat, clean, elegant, and personal appearance. Whether people are from Poland or elsewhere, they always pay attention to what they wear and how they look. What are the most important Polish clothing brands and footwear brands? Let’s take a look.

Polish Modern Clothing Brands:

The Polish clothing market consists of both modern and ethical brands


When choosing clothes, Poles mainly prioritize clothes with reasonable cuts, prices, quality of workmanship, and fine stitching. Therefore H&M is one of the famous Polish clothing brands today. 

H&M is one of the largest clothing companies in the world from Sweden, founded in 1974. 

The H&M brand is present in 58 markets with 3610 stores, operating online in 21 countries. In Poland, H&M stores appeared in 2003.


Reserved is one of the famous Polish clothing brands, operating mainly in Eastern and Central Europe. This fashion company became the most successful Polish clothing and footwear company under the control of the LPP SA Poland group.

It specializes in providing high-quality clothing products for all ages. It targets young men, women, and children who love youthful and stylish fashion styles.


Venezia is a famous Polish footwear brand established in 1996. 

This brand offers customers a wide selection of beautifully designed footwear and handbags every season. All the products are made of natural leather, specially imported from Italy, focusing on each detail.

Many Polish customers trust and love footwear from this brand. 


Besides the Polish clothing brand Reserved, it is one of the biggest footwear brands in the Polish market. First, it was known as ‘Yellow Foot,’ founded in 1996, later renamed ‘Cena Czyni Cuda.’ The company’s priority was to sell cheap footwear, mainly in smaller cities, but now it deals only with expensive ones. 

CCC’s footwear products attract more customers in Poland and other Eastern and Central European countries due to their quality and unique designs.

Polish Ethical Clothing Brands

Have you ever thought about how many clothes the world produces every year? The answer is 80 billion. The production of one cotton T-shirt from your favorite brand requires 2700 liters of water. Every time we hear about contributing to climate change by making the right choice. 

Fortunately, the Polish clothing market has much to offer regarding conscious buying. But what does ‘ethical fashion’ actually mean? A few examples from Polish clothing brands will explain it further.

Alexandra K

We’ve covered most of the ethical and vegan clothing brands. What’s still missing? Leather goods, of course. Alexandra K introduced 100% vegan, eco-friendly luxury bags made from pineapple skin, apples, and corn pulp. 

Alexandra K’s bags are luxurious, with prices between 200 and 300 euros, but the quality makes them wearable for all ages. Paper bags are used for packaging all orders with zero plastic.

GAU – Great As You

It is one of the first Polish ethical clothing brands founded in Gdynia in 2013. Their style combines ‘simplicity with Scandinavian minimalism and a nonchalant Parisian style.

Zero-waste, controlled production, and high quality are the most essential elements of the brand. Their clothes are made only of organic cotton from Polish knitting factories. GAU offers t-shirts, loose-cut blouses, casual trousers, and dresses with minimal designs and pastel colours.


The following ethical brand situated in Wroclaw is Pulpa. The clothes they make are suitable for both home and office, made from modal fabric or Polish linen.

Marta Maruszczyk knows how to combine comfort with elegance. This simple Polish clothing brand proposes a variety of loose blouses, original linen bomber jackets in light colours, and oversize and minimalist design dresses. 

Everything PULPA produces is made in batches, so sometimes you have to wait two weeks for your order to promote zero-waste.


A brand created in 2015, it presents a variety of simple and subtle women’s collections categorized into series.

Elementy has products made of organic cotton, biodegradable lyocell, and Tencel (materials extracted from wood cellulose). Moreover, their leading ethical clothing is jeans made of recycled or virgin cotton, which saves 83% of the water used in production. They also make clothing by breedings sheep and goats.


Polish people spend a lot of money on clothing and footwear products. Therefore the above-mentioned Polish clothing brands are highly appreciated by consumers in terms of quality, price, design, and minimal approach toward waste.

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