pomegranate tree tattoo

Top 5 Pomegranate Tree tattoo designs you’ll love it. 

Wear your pomegranate tree tattoo anywhere on your body, no matter how large or small, and that will be a guaranteed charmer. You can have pomegranate tattoos in any form or size, and they are a charming option. Pomegranate tattoos are popular right now, partly because of how intricate the pomegranate seeds contribute to the design’s elegance.

You may play around with it and give it your special touch. Pomegranate tattoo designs range from the minimalist to the lovely, and since they are considered fortunate or inspirational symbols of riches, who knows?

Pomegranate Tree tattoo symbolism and meaning

The pomegranate originated in ancient cultures and symbolized fertility and wealth. The fruit bat family Chiroptera is connected to the pomegranate tree. As a result, a distinctive pomegranate tattoo is a great choice.

Where should you get Pomegranate Tree tattoo designs?

You can get a pomegranate tree tattoo anywhere on your body. Both males and females can engrave this stunning design. Some of the specified places are given below:

For Women

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

For Men

  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Ribs

Here are some Top 5 Pomegranate Tree tattoo designs

When it comes to tattoos, a pomegranate tree tattoo design can make a statement in several different ways. Hard labor, persistence, and consultation with a skilled artist are necessary for this fruit-themed design. But don’t worry, it will be worthwhile. Here are some of the Top 5 Pomegranate Tree tattoo designs that you’ll love it:

Black Pomegranate Tree Tattoo 

The pomegranate tattoo in this blackwork design is a little bigger and more elaborate. The remark focuses on the delicious details of the branches and leaves. There is a delicate and exquisite shading on the fruit, seeds, and leaves, in addition to the pomegranate. The appeal of any tattoo in the black color is that it will always seem vibrant, endure longer regardless of how long it has been, and present the fewest issues.

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pomegranate tree tattoo

Realistic Pomegranate tattoos

This tattoo is excellent, although it requires a lot of patience and effort. It is big, bold, and colorful, with shades of dark and light red on the pomegranate seeds and blooms, lovely green foliage, a hint of black, and perfect details. You can also speak with your artist because red ink is renowned for being a bit challenging to deal with if your family has a history of skin sensitivities.

pomegranate tree tattoo

Pomegranate Flower tattoos

Since then, pomegranate blooms or peony flowers have been connected with Persephone, the goddess of Spring and flowers. With the lovely shade of the flowers, the pomegranate, and the elaborate seed and fruit design,  this would be a perfect and aesthetically pleasing choice for a tattoo on your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

pomegranate tree tattoo

Unique Pomegranate tattoos

Give it a lot of thinking because tattoos are permanent, and if you decide to get something like this, people will undoubtedly comment on how distinctive it looks. Blackwork tattoos are the most user-friendly, durable, and hassle-free and won’t demand fervent aftercare. You will also always be happy with the results.

pomegranate tree tattoo

Persephone Pomegranate tattoos

Any pomegranate tattoo will look fantastic when matched with a Persephone tattoo, and you could think it’s incredible to give the fruit a different significance. Save the fruit. The skull represents the dead stuck in the Underworld and might make your pomegranate tattoo the deepest one. Despite the popularity of the tattoos of the pomegranate fruit and the eerie detail of the skull, you might want to wait before getting this one because it will be a long process and take a toll on your skin because of its size. The red color of the pomegranate did add life to the raveling blackwork here.

pomegranate tree tattoo


Pomegranate tree tattoo are more common these days since they provide prosperity, family growth, and health advantages in addition to being beautiful and having mythical significance. A pomegranate tattoo is simple and sweet, and it’s a terrific way to kick off November while getting a few compliments on its beauty. Get your rad pomegranate tattoo now to celebrate your November and financial success!

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