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How To Have A Soft Life Aesthetic: A Complete Guideline 

The soft life aesthetic trend has become quite popular through the social app Tiktok. The movement encompasses joyful, slow experiences such as taking a self-care day, trying a new hobby, or brunch with friends. The fundamental requirement of the soft living lifestyle is ease and joy.

What is Soft Life Aesthetic?

Soft life means a life of ease without requiring ‘hard’ work, sacrifice, and unpleasantness. It originated in the Nigerian influencer’s community for living a life with comfort and low stress. 

The ‘Soft Life’ Aesthetic Lifestyle:

The soft girl lifestyle is very similar to the ‘That girl’ trend – the ones who embody this trend follow morning workouts, yoga sessions, hair masks, a skincare routine, and a pretty coffee table that never gets out of place.

The content creator’s videos on Tiktok with the #softlife show doing her skincare routine in front of the mirror, watering her plants, stirring marshmallows into a hot beverage, and drizzling honey on her granola and fruit breakfast. 

How To Style A Soft Aesthetic Look?  

Soft outfits:

Soft girl outfits are styles that match the social trend with pastel colours and a simple look that can make you look casual. This trend is more than just a stylistic choice – it’s a lifestyle and reclamation of feminine style. Soft aesthetics showcases the beauty of feminine styles and embraces the more delicate things in life. Hence you can never go wrong with soft pink clothing. 

You can mix and match the clothes from your wardrobe and re-style them to look trendy. Some of the choices are

  • Dresses
  • Monochrome outfits
  • Plaid skirts
  • Floral and other patterns 
  • Pop of colour

Skincare Routine:

Healthy and glowing skin is not always about good genes; sometimes, it needs the right products also. Your lifestyle habits and daily routine also significantly impact your skin. Building a good skincare routine starts with understanding your skin, learning how to take care of it, and meeting its requirements.

Whatever your skin type is, just follow the three main steps of CTM

  • Cleanse
  • Tone 
  • Moisturize 

No Makeup Look:

This simple soft makeup look is minimal, including glowy makeup and a good skincare routine. It just enhances your features in a very gentle and natural way.

The no-makeup look can be achieved quickly; once your foundation is done, add a layer of blush from your left to right cheek and even your nose tip to give a sun-kissed look. Add a highlighter to your nose and cheekbones. Apply mascara and any pink lipgloss. Viola, you’re done.

Cute Accessories:

Simple accessories like earrings, necklaces, bags, and belts can add a special touch to your outfits. Unlike the trend’s clothes, you can experiment with brighter colours here, like candy apple red or bright yellow. Wide waist belts, chunky high-heel boots, pearl jewellery, and a beret with a net also look very classy and elevate your existing wardrobe. Like all other aesthetics born and became popular on TikTok, soft girls undoubtedly have some characteristics. Therefore there are a lot of pink-pink-pink-like pink dresses, pink accessories, and pink makeup and nails that create an ultimately cute look.

Clean Girl Aesthetic: 

The clean girl aesthetic makes you think of the girl whose hair is really in place, whose skin looks fresh and radiant, who drinks matcha and chai lattes, and who seems to have her life together. It may have many sides, including her morning routine, clothes, and dreamy perfumes. This aesthetic was inspired by the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, who seem to embody all her elements. 


A soft life aesthetic ultimately defines life free of unpleasantness and worries. To enjoy life and all the luxuries that give self-contentment. It can be achieved by following the things mentioned above quickly.

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