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How to be a Softie Aesthetic Girl? Full Guide

Are you wondering how to be a softie aesthetic girl? It is a mix of everything cute, pastel, and girly, but in a softer sense! This means taking your florals, pastel colours, and pretty pink aesthetic to your style. Here are the complete guidelines to nail the soft girlish look you’ll like.

Softie Aesthetic Girl Style Statement

A softie aesthetic has the late 90’s and early 2000’s vibes. You can play with soft colours, accessories, makeup looks, and shoes. A soft girl can be softcore aesthetic, cottage core, and depending on your sense of aesthetics and style. A Softie is a style of aesthetics that emphasizes a blooming, youthful appearance with touches of delicate cuteness to achieve the cutest appearance possible.

Soft Girl Outfits Look

What’s your favourite colour? You’ll love soft girl outfits if it is in the hues of pastel shades like pink, white, yellow, or purple. You can add your favourite VSCO, E-girl aesthetic style hearts, flowers, clouds, stars, and butterflies. These are some of the popular shapes you’ll find in soft girl clothing. From heart cutout tops to flower cardigans, that will match your softie girly look.

softie aesthetic

Softie Makeup look

There are a variety of soft-girl aesthetic makeup styles that you can try. Highlighting the person’s natural features while adding cutesy details. You can add extra blush that would give a more natural and soft look. It’s about keeping a neutral base with neutral tones for both eyes and lips. Apply blush to the tip of your nose for the final finishing look! It’s like the cherry on top.

softie aesthetic

Softie Aesthetic Hairstyle

A soft girl aesthetic look isn’t complete without a cute hairstyle. By playing with your hair, dye them with a pastel matte shade, or go with your natural colour. Instead, they inject fun into their look through hair accessories and hairstyles. You can give some loose waves and face-framing curls. Inspired by  Ariana Grande’s statement, high ponytail or add colourful bows to your hair. Adding some pearls, headbands or cute kawaii hair accessories to your style.

softie aesthetic

Soft Girl Accessories

The soft girl aesthetic gives a sense of romanticism, so your look would be dull without accessories. You should not forget to use maximalist jewellery and lots of shimmers to achieve the best softie girl style. As for colour, you’ll often find pastels and neutral tones. Though vibrant pinks are also a common sight depending on your type of aesthetic taste.

softie aesthetic

Soft Girls On Social Media

This style statement is hyped from social media, or we can say truly inspired by celebrities or fashion icons. Among them, the most popular personality is singer Ariana Grande, who is emerging as an ideal softie modern girl in this era. However, some of them are Black pink rose, luna love good, iz*one, and many more you’ll see on the net.

softie aesthetic


The softie aesthetic style combines things inspired by the year 2000 and romantic softer fashion items and accessories. Remember that the most important thing, regardless of your style, is how you feel when wearing it. The best thing a man or woman could ever wear is confidence.

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