Sorenson forensic criminal paternity test

What Is Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test?

Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test helps to know that forensic science and testing DNA are highly specialized. It is a top-rated company based in Draper, Utah. Their high accuracy and reliable source made the company first-rate in its sector. This company has one of the most trustable forensic labs in divorce and criminal cases. The Sorenson forensic company has a DNA testing laboratory license from the college of American pathologists. Sorenson forensics serviced 48 fallen warriors of the US military and has become popular in the biotechnology industry.

Why is the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test required?

  • Criminal paternity testing is required when the alleged father of a child has been accused of lawful rape or Incest. In these circumstances, charges will be dismissed if the child’s suspected father is proven to be the child’s birth father. He will be charged with crimes if the suspected father is proven to be the birth father of the child.
  • When the child is being adopted, and the adoption agency asks for proof that the alleged father is not the biological father, Criminal testing can also be necessary. 
  • When a child who has been adopted is being adopted again, Forensic DNA companies help to get the criminal paternity test which can also be needed.
  • An adoption agency usually requires proof that the child’s biological father is not dead before allowing the adoption to go through the process.

How do Sorenson Forensics labs help to determine the criminal paternity test?

  1. A Criminal paternity test is done by collecting the blood samples of the suspected father and the child in question.
  2. The samples can be managed through saliva, blood, or other DNA samples.
  3. The samples are tested to determine the alleged father and child share the same genetic markers created on the Y-chromosomes, mitochondria, and other places in the DNA.
  4. If the genetic markers match, it is proven that the child and the alleged father are related due to having a common paternal gene.
  5. If the genetic markers do not match, the alleged father and the child are unrelated.
  6. A paternity test can either be an ABO or an STR test.
  7. An ABO paternity test looks at the genes in the red blood cell.
  8. STR test looks at the genes on the Y-chromosomes.

Characteristics of Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test

  • The paternity test determines the relationship between two persons. Mainly the relationship between a father and the child.
  • Sorenson Forensics provides highly accurate test results. Their results are so reliable that government agencies depend on them.
  • Paternity test mostly requires criminal cases. Property and money are related in such cases.
  • Forensic company employees are very polite.
  • The company provide criminal testing, DNA testing, Priority DNA, Y screening, and criminal cases.
  • Forensics provides faster results than 60 days turnarounds.
  • They help access the touch DNA; even with very few samples, forensics can generate the DNA profiles.
  • Their software includes LEAD software, Bulletproof probabilistic, and e-solve DNA indexing.

Legal consequences of Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test

Two types of legal implications of Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test are positive and negative paternity test.

  1. Legal consequences of a positive paternity test: 

If a paternity test has a positive result, it means the alleged father is the child’s biological father. In this case, the alleged father will be required to pay child support and possibly take responsibility for the child’s health care.

  1. Legal Consequences of negative criminal paternity test 

If a paternity test has a negative result, it means no paternity test can be done. The alleged father will be relieved of child support, responsibility and obligations towards the child. It is essential to note that a negative paternity test doesn’t mean that the alleged father is not the child’s biological father. It only means that the DNA paternity could not detect any evidence of shared paternity.

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Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is a reputable forensic lab that provides a variety of testing and services. They assist regional law enforcement organisations, and customers are initiating to request their testing. Forensics labs provide highly accurate customer results in a short time and are a trustworthy company to rely on.

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