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Spiritual Rings: A Guideline For Each Finger

The spiritual rings symbolize different meanings to different people. The significance and use of spiritual jewellery date back to primitive civilization. According to the Siberian times, archaeologists have found a 40000-year-old bracelet along the remains of hominid species.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and other jewellery were used as amulets to invite good luck and protection from evil forces. Some fashion-conscious people wear rings just for their beauty, while some wear them to mark any special occasion like an engagement or wedding.

Rings have profound social and spiritual meanings associated with them. However, studies have revealed the significant spiritual value of wearing a ring on each finger. 

Rings worn for some everyday purposes are:

  • Marriage
  • Culture
  • Traditions
  • History
  • Religion
  • Personal choice
  • Sports achievement 
  • Ancestral

Spiritual Rings Meaning On Each Finger

Each finger has a symbolic relationship with the ring. Let’s explore these:

Thumb Finger

It is very uncommon for men to wear a ring on this finger. The thumb represents positive expressions. A ring on your thumb can mark freedom, singularity, and strength. It can also be a symbol of appreciation or acceptance.

In Ancient Roman times, wearing a ring on this finger was believed to be an outward symbol of power and boldness. The ring’s design indicates what kind of a person you are; if you had a gold band with diamonds, that would signify your wealth; if you had a silver band with rubies, though, it would show off your high rank in society.

Index Finger

The index finger is associated with the planet Jupiter which symbolizes leadership qualities. It represents the quality of self-confidence but is also very critical for the person and their surroundings. It also represents wealth, power, and status.

In the Jewish culture, the wedding ring went on the right index finger. The bride could also put it on their left index finger after the ceremony.

Middle Finger

As indicated by the location of the finger, it signifies balance. A person wearing a ring on the middle finger is considered self-critical, responsible, and inclined toward justice.

Though the middle finger represents Saturn, it doesn’t show any clear sign of wearing spiritual rings.

Ring Finger

The ring finger stands for loyalty and creativity. It also depicts love, beauty, and relationships. 

Different cultures have different beliefs related to the ring on this finger. Like Egyptians, who believed there was a vein running from the fourth finger straight to the heart, they call it vena amoris, which means ‘love vein‘ in Latin. The fourth finger is also known as the heart finger

Pinky Finger

It doesn’t have a vital spiritual significance, but the pinky represents Mercury, which stands for intelligence, intuition, persuasion, and communication. A ring on this finger is often a show of elegance and class. 

Men’s and Women’s Spiritual Rings

The combination of modern design and spiritual power plays an essential role in one’s spiritual journey. Some of the spiritual ring fingers are:

Gemstone for Rings:

Many of us will never wear a gemstone considering it one of the astrological shams, but some people adore and preach them like a god. Numerous gems are available in the market, and they vary in shape, colour, size, and price depending on their various aspects and benefits. Like rubies are worn for a better love life.

Healing Rings:

A healing ring is a piece of jewellery created with love and healing properties. Healing rings are often known as spiritual rings or Reiki rings because of their healing energies and prayers. They often contain healing gemstones or crystals.

Spiritual Rings for Protection:

Evil eye jewellery has been growing in popularity. Many people enjoy this symbol for its beauty; some wear it for power and protection against bad luck or evil spirits. Therefore these spiritual jewellery designs come in different colours, and each colour is known to have spiritual purposes and beliefs. These evil eye jewellery are typical in Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Italy. 


There is no existing dictionary of what these spiritual rings symbolize, so next time while wearing a ring, always consider what message you want to deliver to yourself and others. 

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