STRANGER THAN FRIENDS – Korean short story preview!

Stranger than Friends is a story of two friends, Inseo and Yi-hyeok, who turned into lovers. They have been friends their entire lives. Yet, They take it for granted. Moving ahead, the two of them are pals, or, at least, that’s what they believe until Inseo kisses Yi-hyeok as a joke. It develops into something more, starting a brand-new, unbearably humid relationship. They may find it amusing, incredibly steamy, and occasionally odd, but they still consider each other friends.

Korean manhwa Stranger Than Friends

Korean manhwas are short stories with great storylines and works of art. With each month that goes by, we get more and more Korean BL manhwas. It is currently tough to even keep up with the majority of them. Undoubtedly one of the most talked-about manhwas on the BL side of the globe is Stranger Than Friends. Not only this drama provides us with a fantastic plot but also with characters and visually stunning sequences that are interspersed with some sweetness and spiciness.

  • It is published on the Lezhin platform.
  • This manhwa initially appeared in 2020.
  • It has been made available in both Korean and English languages.
  • Yeoro provides the narrative for the manhwa.
  • Sagold is responsible for the artwork. 

There’s no denying that the art style chosen is incredibly captivating and has stolen all my attention since it is released.

Characters of the Stranger than friends drama

The lead characters of Stranger than friends are:

NamesTheir roles
In-Seo Baek In-Seo Baek is an LGBT male university-going student having piercings. Moreover, he had white hair and eyes.
Lee Hyukan LGBT male who also goes to university. Furthermore, he had a dark-skinned tone and brown hair

The side characters are 

  • Sanho Lee and,
  • Tak Gi 

They both were also male LGBT.

Stranger Than Friends storyline overview

The tale of Lee Hyuk and Inseo, two childhood best friends, can be found in this drama. In the story’s opening scene, Lee Hyuk is watching a social media video in which people recreate old photographs. At this point, we also learn that his mother no longer resides with him. So, he quickly makes his way to Inseo’s house after receiving a call from his best friend. Then he walks in and sees Inseo staring at pictures of the two of them when they were younger. He begs Inseo to duplicate these images exactly as they appear in the video. The only condition on his agreement is that he gets to pick whatever print they replicate. The image Inseo selects sets off a rapid upsurge of the situation.

Thus, the narrative continues explaining to us how Inseo and Lee Hyuk go beyond the bounds of friendship by having a sexual relationship. To avoid damaging their 23-year company, they always maintain one leg inside this line. Even more intriguing is that Inseo adores Lee Hyuk but hesitates to say it out loud. While this is going on, the twist that got my attention was that Lee Hyuk is seen finding it challenging to recognize and control his own emotions.

Stranger than Friends also introduces us to other characters, such as Inseo and Lee Hyuk’s other two friends, who are struggling with their relationships, and Lee Hyuk’s employer, who has a hidden crush on Lee Hyuk. Surprisingly, Inseo and Lee Hyuk enjoy themselves despite all of this at the expense of their friendship. The worry brings on the fundamental conflict this manhwa produces in both leads.

My opinion on Stranger than friends Drama

Since their birth, Yi-hyeok and Inseo have shared a childhood. Because of how close they have been, it seems as though they have known one another in a previous life. They have been great friends for their whole lives, so in my opinion, This appears to be evident. Till Inseo kisses Yi-hyeok during the task to recreate past images, that is, at least, what they believe. Due to this, their friendship changes into something new, and odd feelings slowly develop between them. Although it’s pretty funny, extremely spicy, and a touch strange, they remain friends, don’t they?So if you’re looking for something interesting to watch, this show is an excellent option, and I would highly recommend Stranger than friends to all k-drama lovers.

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