Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

The Wait Is Over: Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here! 

The teaser for the money heist Berlin spin-off is finally here, but the show is scheduled to air in 2023. The much-awaited spin-off of the criminal series Money Heist called “Berlin” is the new collection that Netflix is now hyping.

The impending new collection “Berlin,” a spin-off to the original series, is one of the many variants of the Spanish criminal series that followed the tremendous popularity of the first “La Casa De Papel” or “Money Heist.”

About the Show

Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

Pina created Money Heist in 2017 for Antenna 3, a local Spanish TV broadcaster. But due to very low ratings, the show was canceled after two seasons.

However, Netflix purchased the program in 2019 and added it to its massive repertoire. The program was a huge hit for Netflix and everyone involved with it.

Details about the Teaser

  • The production team for the Spanish heist series said Wednesday in Madrid that filming has already begun, and the new program will be set in Paris and Spain.
  • It is unknown whether any more Money Heist characters will emerge. 
  • The new series goes into Berlin’s past in the years before he joined the group that would go on to pull off Spain’s largest theft.

What to Expect?

Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

According to Money Heist producers Esther Martnez Lobato and Lex Pina, the spin-off series’s goal was to take Alonso Berlin’s character, “the most brilliant personality” of the original Money Heist, and set it in a different environment.

The new prequel series, which recounts the incredible heists carried out before the events of the original show. It will star Pedro Alonso in the role he originated as the reckless, witty jewel thief Andrés de Fonollosa, nicknamed Berlin, in the original series.

The most recent money heist teaser introduces a gang of six commanded by Berlin, the Professor’s older brother and second-in-command, who recruits Keila, Cameron, Roi, Damien, and Bruce.

The characters’ introductory shots gave viewers a glimpse into the many personalities of the team and their potential roles in the next series.

The teaser’s title, “Mixing love with robbery isn’t always a bad idea,” may hint at any romance that viewers anticipate between Berlin and the recruits.

Fans can anticipate the Professor’s reappearance later in the series, previewing the relationship between the brothers that inspired the original series since the events in the future series take place before those in the global success. 


As the title suggests, we’ll focus on the namesake Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonolosa. Despite his past being explored in season 5, there is still much that is unknown about Berlin, 

Tatiana (played by Diana Gómez) is one of five ex-wives, among other things. He has described his relationships in the series as the “5 times that he believed in love.”

Since Berlin and The Professor are brothers, they’ll probably concentrate on their early years together. Also unknown to us are the circumstances surrounding their father’s passing or how he came to know Marsella, Bogotá, Palermo, or another of Berlin’s lovers.

There may also be an additional video of Berlin’s 434 diamond theft in Paris. We might find out more about his battle with Helmer myopathy. In a recent NME interview, Money Heist star Alvaro Morte described the show’s legacy as being about how “wrong” the world is.

He explained that the show’s theme is about the world, how bad it is, and how the capitalist system works. The money is an excuse; we should ask, ‘Hey, what’s wrong here?'” Things need to change.”

Statement Regarding the Project

Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

Alonso expressed excitement about the upcoming project during an interview with TVLine during a fan event. Moreover, he said he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to interact with individuals worldwide. He get so much love, and have such a great time.

They began this series by taking a risk and have been winning ever since. Furthermore, he said that fans are their accomplices, and they appreciate them. “Responsibility may be something that weighs on you,” Alonso continued, describing his character’s destiny. 

It has the potential to be a jail. However, in the case of this event, it has been a fantastic chance and true cosmic magic. This crew has gone above and beyond for the past five years, and he is giving them all kisses.

He said it’s an incredible feeling to know that individuals worldwide have favorite characters and quotations. It is a difficult job but rewarding because of the fans.

Money Heist creator Alex Pina said at the Tudum Festival that it’s a journey through the character’s golden era when he stole throughout Europe, mad in love. 

The Cast of the Show

Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

The new Money Heist cast consists of 

Joel Sánchez as Bruce
Begoa Vargas as Cameron
Julio Fernández as Roi
Michelle Jenner as electronics specialist, Keila
Tristan Ulloa Plays Professor Damián.

The Crew of the Show

With David Oliva and David Berrocal, Lobato and Pina co-wrote the eight episodes that make up the first season of “Berlin.” At the same time, Albert Pintó, Barrocal, and Geoffrey Cowper were brought in to direct the show.

Where can you watch the ‘Money Heist’ spin-off, ‘Berlin’?

Teaser For Money Heist Berlin Spin-Off Is Finally Here!

The streaming behemoth has confirmed that the spin-off series “Berlin” will arrive on the platform in 2023. Viewers would be able to watch the series on Netflix. They would need to download the Netflix free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to do so. All past seasons of ‘Money Heist’ are also available on Netflix.


This program would be a fantastic medium for showcasing incidents similar to those mentioned in Money Heist. More trailers that reveal more about the show’s plot should be released soon because Berlin is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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