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All About The So Company– Who Started It

U.S. military veteran and entrepreneur Shaun So presently serves as the head of management at the So Company. He is also famous as the American actor Anna Chlumsky’s husband.

In the early days of his career, Shaun served as a special agent in the United States Army’s counterintelligence division for eight years. After almost three years as a military contractor with McNeil Technologies, he returned to the government as an intelligence analyst for the United States Department of Defense.

Before switching to a job in the private sector, Shaun So served for over 10 years in the United States Army. He has helped launch three successful companies. 

Shaun’s first business was a temporary storage and delivery service. He closed that company in April 2012. Then he started a new company and became the CEO of it. Besides being a co-founder, he is also on the list of the board of directors of the non-profit organization Digital Services Coalition.

When did the So Company Founded– Shaun’s Bio Data,  Businesses and its Net Worth

So company
Full name  Shaun So
Year of birth1980
College The University of Chicago, Zicklin School of Business
Profession Ex-military officer, entrepreneur 
Net worth$3 million – $4 million
Relationship status   Married 
WifeAnna Chlumsky
Children 2

Shaun co-founded many other companies in addition to owning The So Company, and he has a background as an entrepreneur and a former US military officer. 

Cubby, an urban logistics business from June 2011 until April 2012, was his first business company. The temporary store had a place for people to leave their bags for a fee to explore the area without carrying their bags with them. 

After noticing that his wife had to bring several bags to work and that, when they first met, he had trouble keeping track of the bags. Therefore, Shaun came up with the idea for the safe shop company. But after a year, the business was over.

Later in April 2012, Shaun became his second venture’s CEO and managing partner. Co-founding the non-profit group is his third venture.

Shaun’s income has never been made public, making it impossible to determine his wealth. Regardless, he is the CEO of the So Company and is now very wealthy. Even though he does not have a high net worth, his wife Anna Chlumsky’s net worth is more than his.

Most of the earnings come from his business ventures. During his time in the service, he also made a good living. The value, however, is considered to be between $3 and $4 million US (approximately)

Family Background, Education and Career

Although his parents are Asian, he was born and raised in the United States. He spent his formative years in Chicago, where he completed both his elementary and secondary schooling. 

Shaun then attended the University of Chicago to study political science. The next logical step for So may be to seek employment in the public sector. But he didn’t stop there; he continued to broaden his horizons academically.

He decided to study Mandarin Chinese at Tsinghua University. Furthermore, he has a master’s degree in business administration from the City College of New York.

After years of long-distance, Shaun finally married his college girlfriend, Anna Chlumsky. The family was blessed with two little girls. He was born on December 3, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois. Anna Maria Chlumsky is a well-known American film actress.

She has a record of winning a number of awards, including the MTV Movie & TV Award. Anna became well-known for her role as “Vada Sultenfuss” in the movie “My Girl. She has training from both the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School and the highly regarded University of Chicago.

As of 2021, he is 42 years old. The only thing known about his family, parents, and siblings is that he comes from a Chinese household.

Final Verdict

As a co-founder of The So Company, his expertise is extensive. A veteran of the United States, Marine Corps and entrepreneur. Shaun So is a multi-talented American. Over the years, he has served his nation.

After marrying Anna Chlumsky, an American actress, Shaun became well-recognised in the United States. He serves as a member of the army’s reserve force. Shaun So is well-versed in numerous fields and has a wide range of talents.

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