Dhow Cruise

The Unforgettable Experience of Dhow Cruise in Dubai.


Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai is one of the most mind-boggling experiences for anyone and everyone. It would give you the excitement of the older version of Dubai, Bur Dubai, and Deira Dubai, and the calmness of cruising over river Zara most luxuriously.

  1. What is “Dhow ?”
  2. Experience of Dhow.
  3. Entertainment on Dhow.
  4. Food on the different ships.
  5. How to select your Dhow.
  6. Conclusion.

What you need to know about Dhow Cruise Dubai?

What is “Dhow ?”

The Dhow was initially a kind of a ship used for fishing and pearl collecting in ancient days. However, these ships are now famous amount tourists for their unique experience of entertainment and sightseeing. Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai is renowned for tourists, and many companies offer these sightseeing Dhow Cruise, and prices vary based on their entertainment and meal.

Experience of Dhow cruise

Experiences of this Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai are so mesmerizing that one is left bewitched by its live interactive entertainment, food, and stunning images. The Dhow cruises gently along with the old city of Dubai, which was once known for its hustle and bustle of busy Bazar and business headquarters. The ancient architecture may not be as eye-catching as the newer Dubai, but it does have its charm and view. Some of the famous buildings you see on this journey at Dhow Cruise creek Dubai are old spice and gold Souks, Shaik Saeed’s palace, Grand Mosque.
And Old Boat Fort. You will also have a panoramic view of old-fashioned yet classic buildings and hotels.

Entertainment on Dhow cruise

Entertainment on Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai is one of a kind, and it also varies among different companies running these shows, but to some extent, they all are the same.
These all Dhows look Middle Eastern brides with their vibrant ocular bling and rising aroma of traditional tea and Bakhour (air freshener) to their elegant interior.
You will be welcomed with date, tea and juice after this you will be guided inside by one of the staff members, the staff is generally amicable and helpful. Once you are comfortable and the ship is launched, you will be entertained with fascinating singers. Their voices are well trained, and the songs are well-versed. You may want to look around from the window or the upper deck and catch some fantastic sights of older Dubai. You can have a romantic moment with your company if you are lucky enough to have one, But not too long as the next performance would dazzle your eyes with their art of perfection and sublime moves. These belly dancers and Tanura dancers move perfectly around your tables and float around you smoothly. They would invite you to the dancing floor, so if you know a few dancing moves. It’s the best time to show off in the limelight. After the dancers, there may be a magic show or puppet show for children. These performers love taking selfies and being photographed. Even a professional photographer would do a job well done for you, mind you all their entertainers are precessional, and most of them live on the boat.

Food on the different ships

Dubai is a land of experiences, food is high quality, and everything serves here is halal !!
Every Dhow has its unique menu with exclusive dishes. Menus are easily accessible on their websites. Generally, they serve authentic Middle Eastern food and the world’s famous cousins. The menu will fill your appetite but not the urge.
After an entire main course, you will find yourself against the confusing choice of desserts, as there are many kinds. The selection of drinks will win your heart, and it all doesn’t stop here as the variety of mouth fresheners is yet to come.

How to select your Dhow cruise

You can buy the tickets from websites, but some homework is required to tailor this vacation to your taste. As there may be differences n the entertainment and food menu, you should choose the Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai according to your priorities. These boats can be hired for personalized parties like birthdays, celebrating a milestone of some sort, and marking any cherishing life events. The best time for cruising is before sunset to enjoy the view during sunlight and then have a memorable evening on the boat followed by a sky full of stars.


This Cruise should be on your bucket list. This lifetime experience will leave you awe-inspired and unique interactive entertainment.
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