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What are some different looks for Halloween?

As we all know that Halloween is a festival that has roots back from the Celtic Times about 2000 years ago. It was said that the souls of the dead return to their homes on this day, thus people dress scarily in order to ward off evil spirits. It is usually celebrated at the end of Summer. People usually start preparing festivities and costumes from the start of the month. 

Since it is Halloween time, you may have been wondering about what are some different looks for Halloween this year. 

What are some different looks for Halloween?

We all want to make sure that we look unique and stunning. As we celebrate Halloween every year, no doubt it gets a little boring and repetitive. Do you want to make sure that your Halloween this year will be the best ever? There is a list of different types of Halloween costumes researched for you, so you can select which one you like and make the best of Halloween. 

Coming up with and thinking of the best Halloween costume that will turn heads every year is an exercise in itself. You can think of so many costumes and characters you want to imitate but do not know how. You can range from selecting a character from your favorite TV show to your favorite celebrity to the best culinary staples. The Halloween costumes listed here for you also have a small guide on how to carry them too, which will no doubt reduce your stress!

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Plus Size Halloween costumes

Whether you are a plus-sized person or want to dress like that, this list of plus-size Halloween costumes has got you covered. 

  1. Shrek Halloween Costume

Do you ever want to become like Shrek? You just need to convince your partner and a little bit of green paint to become Shrek. You will need:

  • Green face paint
  • Ogre Belly stuffing
  • Shrek Ears made with leaves
  1. Big hero 6 Costume

Big Hero 6 was a great film and Tadashi is one of the coolest big brothers you can ever think of. You will need:

  • Brown khakis
  •  A white tee 
Big hero 6

Scary Halloween costumes

  1. Plague doctor Costume 

Following the 2 years spent in Covid-19, the best way to avoid ‘germs’ at a party is to the most appropriate and scariest costume. You will need:

  • A black beaked mask
  • Black magician hat
  • Formal suit or a cloak in black with dress shoes
Plague doctor
  1. The nun Costume 

The nun will forever be the scariest Halloween costume ever. The best part is, it never gets old. You will need:

  • A black scarf
  • A black cloak
  • Nun mask or makeup
The nun

Blazing Halloween Costumes

  1. Medusa halloween costume

If you want to become a monster, a fearsome and enchanting entity is a perfect choice. You will need: 

  • A headpiece of snakes
  • A black dress and golden jewelry
  • Glam dark makeup
  1. Hotel Transylvania Costume 

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania is a fun and spooky character. You will need:

  • Red and black striped tights
  • A black dress
  • Some vampire fans 
  • A bob-cut wig (optional)

Cute Halloween Costumes

  1. Willy Wonka Halloween Costume

How can you better go to collect and give candies than being the candy man himself? You will need:

  • A pair of green khakis
  • A top hat
  • A purple coat and waistcoat
  • And  a bowtie
Willy wonka
  1. Gremlin Costume

No candy after midnight can make you turn into a disgusting furry monster in the night. The best way to scare children off. You will need:

  • Brown and white paint on your face. 
  • Gremlin ears made with brown paper. 
  • Brown and white polka dots shirt or pants. 
  1. Emily in Paris Costume

If you have seen Emily in Paris, you may know it is an ongoing series going on Netflix, it will be the perfect look for his Halloween. If the series hasn’t already made you want to pack your bags and go to PAris, the costume might do the trick for you. You will need:

  • A chic outfit preferably in white
  • A red french beret
  • Red lipstick look
Emily in paris


Halloween is the most adrenaline-rushing part which signifies the start of the chilly season. There are different looks for Halloween which you can look at from scary, cute, blazing or funny. Dressing up for Halloween, parties, decoration, the vibe and the festivities and be very tricky to plan as it comes every year. The best looks are here for you. 

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