What is the spiritual meaning of each finger?

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of each finger, we need to understand a few concepts before diving into the topic. Firstly we will get to know a little about the spiritual duality and then you. 

As you may have noticed that everything is dual in nature. Everything in our world is divided into two parts and each one is its opposite. Day and night, summer and winter, sun and moon, hot and cold, and finally male and female. This helps in balancing nature. 

Now you must ask the question, where do you come in all of this?

You are also dual in nature. The ratio is different but you have both male and female energies within yourself. Every human possesses these energies. Balance of both these energies is vital for us to function properly and helps in our relationship with other people around us.

How is dual nature connected to the spiritual meaning of each finger?

The left side of our body is more female oriented and the right side of our body is male-oriented in terms of energy. 

The female side thinks more emotionally and the male side thinks more rationally. The same is the thing with our hands and fingers. The left side promotes emotional balance while the right side symbolises intellectual balance. 

Each hand has a different spiritual meaning for each finger. For example, if the index finger symbolises confidence on the left hand, on the right hand it will have a spiritual meaning of leadership. 

Interesting right? Now let us learn about the spiritual aspect of each finger. 

What is the spiritual meaning of each finger?

Left and right hands

We will learn about the left and right hand separately.

The spiritual aspect of each finger of the left hand:

  1. Thumb: Motivation
  2. Index Finger: Concentration
  3. Middle Finger: Confidence
  4. Ring Finger: Inspiration
  5. Little Finger: Spiritual

Spiritual meaning of each finger of the right hand:

  1. Thumb: Will
  2. Index Finger: Leadership 
  3. Middle Finger: Focus 
  4. Ring Finger: Creativity
  5. Little Finger: Power

How is the spiritual meaning of each finger related?

You need the spiritual quality of each finger to become whole. 

  • Thumb: 

The thumb has a spiritual meaning of motivation and will on both hands. You need both of these energies to take an action and continue on its path. If you lack motivation, no matter how much will you have, you will not be able to succeed. Likewise, if you lack the will, you will not have the path and will be confused about which way to go. 

  • Index Finger:

The index finger is associated with confidence and leadership. You need both of these to exercise control over yourself and guide others. If you lack confidence, people will fail to listen to you no matter how good the leadership is because a true leader is one who has a purpose. His confidence is what attracts others to join his path. 

  • Middle Finger:

It links with concentration and focus. You need both of these for attention and to complete tasks. If you do not have concentration, your focus scatters. And if you lack focus, you will not be able to direct your attention and commit to one thing. 

  • Ring Finger:

This finger symbolises inspiration and creativity. You need both of these to create something new and invent new ideas. 

  • Little finger:

The spiritual aspect of the little finger associates with spirituality and power. 

You need to be spiritually powerful, so you are able to handle power and spirituality in its true essence. If you succeed in it, you will be able to exercise power over the whole world while being connected to the supreme power. 

How can rings help you redirect the spiritual meaning of each finger?

Throughout our history, it is believed that there are different spiritual meanings of each finger for rings. They differ from religion to tradition to cultures. 

However, the type of finger you choose to wear the ring in, you can try to embody those specific characteristics in yourself. 

All in all, the finger you choose to wear your rings on really depends on your taste and preference.


There is a different spiritual meaning of each finger. The qualities of each finger are dependent on each other and are incomplete without the other. Wearing rings on these fingers may enhance those qualities in you. 

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