How to style a white feather dress?

Have you ever tried a white feather dress? The white feather dress will be the star of today’s post. Some of these outfits are simple and elegant, while others are fancy. They can easily even take the form of a bridal gown at times. You know that feathers are tough to style, so here is a compilation of how you can make it easy. Let’s have a look.

Styles of White Feather Dress

White feather dresses have different silhouettes and hemlines. You can choose a variety of them and pair them with the right accessories, shoes, and makeup to make you look striking. Here are some options:

  1. All-white dress: 
  • Typically, the bottom portion of a dress is the only area with feathers. 
  • However, this time the modest garment is more striking because it is entirely made of feathers. 
  • Put on white pointed-toe shoes to round off the all-white look.
  1. Maxi dresses: 
  • The maxi dress may also work for you if you’re considering forgoing a bridal gown in favour of a simple outfit for your big day. 
  • The wedding dress looks lovely when accessorized with feathers, which have been very popular in recent wedding dress shoots. 
  • Brides-to-be adore this accent immensely since it exudes understated elegance. 
  • One of these examples may be an option if you fall within this category and haven’t chosen your wedding gown yet.
  1. Feather hemline: 
  • This outfit is intended for those who are hesitant to wear white feather dresses or think they are a bit excessive. 
  • It is a sleeveless white feather dress with a few feathers at the hem. It might make you look gorgeous in a natural way. 
  • When you wear the dress with white heels, you will seem chic and approachable.

Complimentary Accessories

Many items can complement a white feather dress in multiple ways. Here are some ideas to elevate the look:

  1. Denim Jackets and Sneakers:
  • Add a short leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of fashionable sneakers to give your little white feather dress flair. 
  • This dress is ideal for running errands or going to a casual lunch without trying too hard to dress up.
  1. With silver sequin accents: 
  • If you want to look more glamorous and sophisticated during a cocktail party, incorporate some silver sequin accents into your outfit. 
  • For example, wear something flowy with a sleeveless silver sequin top. 
  • Wear silver strappy open-toe heels to keep the stunning look consistent.

Makeup that Pops an Ordinary White Feather Dress

  1. Natural, No-Makeup Look: 
  • Here are some options if you prefer the natural, “no makeup” look. 
  • Apply the tiniest bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks to give them a touch of colour and make them appear flushed and fresh. 
  • Apply a light layer of mascara on your eyelashes to make your eyes appear simple and nearly bare. 
  • You can apply a tinted lip balm to enhance your natural lip colour because you want a minimal makeup look.
  • A plus point is that it adds an edge to the soft girl aesthetic.
  1. The Red Lip: 
  • A red lip isn’t appropriate for every ensemble, but it fits well with a feminine dress.
  • A traditional and beautiful look is with an excellent shade of red
  1. A Bold Winged Eyeliner: 
  • Darker makeup is essential if you want a stronger look.
  • A winged eyeliner look combined with a matte lip quickly elevates your white dress to the next level.
  1. Pops of Colourful Makeup: 
  • To create eye-catching makeup for your bohemian white feather dress, start with a delicate base and go for the brilliant green eyeshadow. 
  • You can take this look a step further by applying navy blue eyeliner to your lower lashes and pairing it with fuchsia lipstick to experiment with contrasting colours.


Like other retro fashions, white feather dresses are being remixed into new styles. Today’s comeback of feathers is a subtle homage to the Y2K trend, which features eye-catching details like sequins. Today, feathers are a subtle homage to the regency-core or high society of the nineteenth century.

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