why are silk sheets so expensive
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Why are silk sheets so expensive? Benefits of using silk sheets

If you know how silk is produced, you’ll know why silk sheets are so expensive. Secondly, it’s a long and hectic process of making silk that requires significant effort in manufacturing. Because of its softness and luxury, silk is becoming more popular, yet the cost averts many potential consumers. You can also read the “silk test” article to determine whether it is fake or not. After reading the following reasons, you will not hesitate to pay a higher price for an original piece of silk sheet.

Top 6 reasons why are silk sheets so expensive

Although silk is recognized to be an expensive fabric, very little is known about why it is such a prized item.Here are the top 6 reasons that’ll show you why silk sheets so expensive:

1. Time-consuming and requires skill:

Silkworms are the primary source of the production of silk. Can you imagine? “it takes about 1700 to 2000 cocoons to make one silk dress!” So, when such a large-scale cost is paid to produce silk, why wouldn’t a silk sheet be so expensive? Many eggs are incubated in ideal conditions until they hatch into caterpillars. These silkworms are fed mulberry leaves till they start spinning their cocoon. The threads are then carefully reeled to protect the lengthy threads before being immersed in hot water to dissolve the gum. These threads are bleached and dried before dyeing, then spun with spinning wheels and weaved at right angles to make the desired piece of silk cloth.

2. Biomaterial and Hypoallergenic

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Silk is a biomaterial, which means it does not cause harm to the organic world and is hypoallergenic rather than other fabrics. Hence, it’s excellent for someone having sensitive skin because it is resistant to allergies, such as molds, fungi, dust mites, and bacteria. It is soft and smooth to the skin as it contains tightly woven fibers. Thus it is another valuable reason why silk sheets are so expensive. 

3. Durable

Silk is durable and the most potent natural fiber used in the process of bedding. It is also more durable than other materials. As long as you take care of them gently, you will know that they are durable and it will not lint and fade.

4. Environment Friendly

Pure silk sheets ensure that the product does not contain harmful chemicals, toxins, or irritants; it is biodegradable, so it is safe and environmentally friendly. That’s why silk sheets so expensive compared to other fabrics.

Benefits of using silk sheets

are silk sheets worth it

1. Beneficial for your skin

Did you know that “silk fibers contain a protein called sericin,” which is found in many high-quality skin care products? That’s why it’s known for its beneficial for your skin. Silk keeps your skin cool in summer and warm in winter and also keeps your skin healthy. Silk won’t absorb your skincare products because it can absorb less water than cotton, allowing skincare to perform at its best.

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2. Beneficial for your hair

As you know, silk sheets are the smoothest and softest than any other. Your hair slides on the pillowcase prevent hair from tangling, breaking, and frizzing as silk pillowcases don’t absorb moisture and natural oils, keeping your hair soft and silky, preventing split ends, and no static electricity in your hair.

3. Reduces sleep wrinkles

It reduces the friction between the skin and the fabric, effectively stopping friction from creating wrinkles.

4. Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

Using silk sheets as bedding is worth it. Silk sheets keep you warm in winter by absorbing heat and moisture from your body, And they keep you cool in summer as warm silk threads trap warm air from your body and create an insulating layer to keep you warm, proving silk is best for all seasons fabric.

5. Breathable and comfortable

The soft and smooth texture is comfortable to the touch and wraps around your body. The light and breathable feel help you sleep soundly.


From the above survey, you will now understand why silk sheets are so expensive compared to other fabrics. Apart from being breathable, hypoallergenic, temperature-controlled, and durable, their main drawback is being costly and requiring careful care. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so a perfect silk sheet investment is well worth it!

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