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Cake Smash Photos: 8 Amazing Ideas for Cute Photos

What’s more memorable than taking cake smash photos of your child’s first birthday? However, what if the cost of the baby’s first birthday gift, which includes the party, the cake, and other decorations, has completely depleted your budget, and there is no money left for clicking the best cake smash photos?

Or perhaps you’ve already attempted to take the cake smash photos but failed? No worries, you are at the right place. We have compiled some of the best cake smash ideas to help you capture your memorable moments. 

1.Make a plan for Clicking Cake Smash Photos

The purpose is to shoot cake smash photos of unpredictable kids. Set reasonable estimates accordingly of how long it could take. Some kids “come around” more slowly than others, and kids have a reputation for dictating the pace of every session they’re a part of. 

Some people still choose on occasion not to participate at all. The bottom line is to extend the session to ensure you receive everything you require. Plan at least two hours for the cake smash activity to be safe. Even though you won’t constantly be shooting, you or the infant will require it.

2.Cake Smash Outfit

No clothing other than a diaper is the finest choice for getting stunning cake smash shots. Because there is less mess to clean. It’s as straightforward as it gets. Clothing with many colors, materials, logos, and images is the most confusing element in these shots. Winter weather may make it too chilly for an infant to go bare-chested, even inside. 

In that case, wear plain attire. For instance, Julia chose a basic white bodysuit that mixes for her cake smash photography. The bodysuit’s motif is pertinent, understated, and keeps with the whole color scheme. In addition, the “one” on her bodysuit shows a portion of the plot.

Cake smash photos

3.Set Your Camera 

Children, especially those under one year old, may be very unpredictable. When clicking cake smash photos, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with your camera’s settings and miss opportunities to capture picture-perfect moments. Here is a helpful fundamental starting point for adjusting your exposure so you can concentrate on shooting:

Shutter SpeedUse a quick shutter speed to keep up with a small child who may be moving quickly. To reduce motion blur and maintain pin-sharp shots, set your shutter speed at or above 1/200.
ApertureYou’ll want to keep the majority of the frame in focus because it’s likely that the background and adjacent props received a lot of care. Try to, depending on the available light
ISOMaintaining a low ISO to reduce noise in the photographs. Your precise ISO setting will vary if it reaches a point where image quality suffers

4.Click Pre-Cake photos

Take a few tidy pictures of the infant before clicking the cake smash photos, and don’t forget to get close-ups of the cake and the decorations. Before anarchy breaks out, this is the only opportunity to take these pictures. So that you can start the celebration, keep this portion of the session brief.

When shooting the cake, click close-up images of the cake’s decorations and any additional set pieces or accessories. In addition, broader photographs make the scene even more visually attractive. If you have a macro lens, use it. Keep this lens nearby so you may utilize the macro later to get close-ups of the infant in motion.

Cake smash photos

5.Take Cake Smash Photos from Every Angle

Every scene should have wide, mid, and close-up shots regardless of whether you are filming the action at eye level or top-down from above. Film from every perspective. It creates a better story and provides more compelling images for family and friends to enjoy.

6.Spruce up the Cake Smash Photos with accessories

A basic cake smash photoshoot may have flair using thematic props and accessories. The parents will typically take the initiative in this situation and choose themes representative of their favorite pastimes, films, sports teams, programs, or characters that the youngster likes. 

When organizing a styled shot, it’s essential to consider how the accessories’ colors will affect the session and how the props might be used to set the setting.

Cake smash photos

7.Make your Baby Comfortable

Babies are babies. They will cry and do a lot more stuff, but it’s a reminder to stay grounded in reality and avoid trying to sway the session too far in one direction. We must occasionally leave the infant alone. The following is suggestible to assist you in achieving the best outcomes for your cake smash photos without focusing too much on the baby’s behavior:

  • Plan accordingly: Plan the photoshoot during a time when the baby is typically awake and active and ideally hungry but not agitated.
  • Give It a Minute: If the infant refuses to taste the cake, give them a minute to take everything in and grasp what is going on. After some time, you or the baby’s parents can assist them because they might not be aware of their expectations. Click away if the infant jumps in immediately away.
  • Take a Practice Run: To understand how the baby will react, it’s a good idea to invite the parents to conduct a trial run at the house before the main cake smash photography.
Cake smash photos

8.Always edit consistently

These cake smash photos might need to be put next to one another in an album spread or wall art grouping. Put another way, if you edit in a decisive contrast fashion, edit that way throughout the entire collection. Alternatively, if you decide to edit a photograph in black and white, think about altering other black and white photos that can complement the original image on an album layout.


Taking cake smash photos is a challenging task. It is not easy to capture little moments and make babies comfortable in an environment. Getting nice pictures out of chaos needs a lot more struggle, but these tricks will help you in every possible way.

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