Huntsman Path Trophy

Huntsman Path Trophy: What It Is And How To Get One

The Huntsman Path Trophy is the newest addition to the hunting game. It was a massive step in the way that hunting can be done, from tiring and slow-moving tasks to a swift and enjoyable adventure. The trophy has some exciting features that make it worth your time, including being able to re-roll its stats to create something even better on every hunt.


The Huntsman Path Trophy is a particular type of animal trophy obtained by hunters who complete a specific hunt. The Huntsman Path Trophy is a deer trophy that can be earned by bowhunters who take a buck on the Huntsman Trail during the regular hunting season. The Huntsman Trail is one of North America’s most popular deer hunting trails, and it attracts big bucks every year.

To earn the Huntsman Path Trophy, you must complete a trail hunt. Several different hunts are available, so it is sure to fit your skill level and interests. Once you have completed the hunt, you must bring in your deer head to receive your trophy. The Huntsman Path Trophy is an impressive piece of game meat, and it is sure to please any hunter who acquires it.

What is the Huntsman Path Trophy?

The Huntsman Path Trophy is a prestigious award given to the player with the best performance in the annual Huntsman World Cup. The trophy was first awarded in 2002 and is currently held by Tony Finau.

To win the trophy, a player must finish in the top three in each of the four events during the tournament – 18 holes, 36 holes, 72 holes, and 144 spots. After all four rounds, the player with the lowest combined total score wins the trophy.

The award is based on elite-level performance and consistency throughout the tournament. A golfer must have played in at least one qualifying round for the World Cup to be eligible for this prestigious award.

How to get the trophy?

The Huntsman Path trophy is a prestigious award given to the player who conquers the most difficult challenge in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is earned by completing The Great Escape, a challenging side-quest that can be accessed after completing The Beast of Blaviken Castle. Completing the quest requires players to defeat a powerful monster, the Huntsman, located at the top of the castle.

Players need to complete The Beast of Blaviken Castle to get started and head to Kaer Morhen. Once there, they should speak to Jansi and agree to help her find her lost daughter. It will begin with The Great Escape quest. After speaking with Jansi a few times, she will eventually lead players to an ill-fated wedding party that the Huntsman attacked. After defeating the monster, players will receive the Huntsman Path trophy along with some valuable loot.

New edition

The Huntsman Path Trophy is a new addition to the archery world, quickly becoming one of the most popular targets. The trophy is designed to be as challenging as possible while still being achievable by virtually anyone. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on one.

How do I get my hands on one?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Huntsman Path Trophy, there are a few things you need to do first:

  1. You’ll need to ensure that your local archery store carries them.
  2. You’ll need to register for an invitation-only trial run at one of the locations listed on the company website.
  3. If you’re successfully meeting all requirements, you’ll need to purchase your own before taking it home!

Where is it found?

The Huntsman path trophy is a deer hunting trophy that can be earned by taking a buck over three consecutive days. The trophy is unique in that it is not scored but consists of three separate sections: the main body, the rack, and the stand. The main body is scored according to weight and length, with a maximum score of 140 points. The frame is scored according to size and presence, with a top score of 40 points. Finally, the stand is only counted for point value if used for at least 50 percent of the hunt.


If you’re looking for an exciting, challenging hunt that will leave you with a trophy to remember, then the Huntsman Path Trophy is the hunt for you. This hunting adventure takes place in some of the most beautiful and rugged countries in North America, which means that not only will you be able to bag a big game animal, but you’ll also have plenty of picturesque landscapes to take home with you. If this sounds like your dream hunt, then be sure to check out our selection of Huntsman Path trophies and get started planning your trip today!

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